Brandon Cronenberg And Mia Goth's Infinity Pool Was Originally NC-17, Surprising No One

Brandon Cronenberg, son of horror maven David Cronenberg and quickly becoming one of the most exciting voices in the genre, has an upcoming sci-fi thriller called "Infinity Pool," and it had to be re-edited in order to avoid an NC-17 rating. The NC-17 rating is typically reserved for the kind of adult films you'd find in the "back room" of a video store (or my personal collection, if I'm being honest) and is usually viewed as a death sentence for any film pursuing a theatrical release. Streaming changed the game, allowing films like "Blonde" to debut without the suggested edits for an R-rated theatrical release. Anyone familiar with Cronenberg's previous films like "Antiviral" and "Possessor" shouldn't be surprised "Infinity Pool" was slapped with the initial NC-17 rating, because the man loves to explore deeply provocative themes of sex and death.

The production immediately filed an appeal with slight re-edits, and the film's original rating was voided in place of an R rating. We've spoken with Brandon Cronenberg before, and he's an endlessly fascinating director with a fearless and exciting approach to storytelling. As reported by Bloody-Disgusting, the MPA gave "Infinity Pool" the rating based on "some graphic violence and sexual content," which might as well be the standard subheader of any movie directed by someone with the last name "Cronenberg." The new version earned its R rating for "graphic violence, disturbing material, strong sexual content, graphic nudity, drug use, and some language." There's no word on whether or not we'll ever see an NC-17 director's cut, but either way, it sounds like a party to us!

What is Infinity Pool about?

"Infinity Pool" stars Mia Goth ("Suspiria," "X," "Pearl") and Alexander Skarsgård ("The Northman," "Melancholia," "The Stand") as a wealthy couple named James and Em. The duo venture on a romantic getaway to an all-inclusive resort, enjoying island tours, beautiful beaches, and picturesque scenery. However, just outside the grounds of the resort lurks something dangerous and seductive, as the press release describes it, "just beyond the edge of paradise."

The film is being co-financed and executive produced by NEON alongside Topic Studios, with Skarsgård serving as an executive producer in addition to his acting duties. Cronenberg's stories are often visceral, violent, and vulpine, and "Infinity Pool" sounds no different. Mia Goth and Alexander Skarsgård are two of the strongest performers in the genre space today, with Goth's contributions to Ti West's sexually subversive series hailed as some of the best horror acting of the year. The pair will be joined by Thomas Kretschmann ("Stalingrad"), Amanda Brugel ("The Handmaid's Tale"), Caroline Boulton ("The Basement"), John Ralston (Living in Your Car," Jeff Ricketts ("Kingsman: The Golden Circle"), Jalil Lespert ("Una relazione"), and Roderick Hill ("The Witcher").