Blonde Director Promises 'NC-17' Marilyn Monroe Movie, Doesn't Care Who Has A Problem With It

Ana de Armas stans are having a rough go of it. Between her glorious but much too brief appearance in "No Time To Die," the ever-elusive existence of "Deep Water," the constant "Blonde" delays, and that time they spent $3.99 on a movie she's not even in, life is hard. You can only rewatch "Knives Out" so many times before you're quoting the lines alongside poor Marta. But on the bright side, thanks to new comments from "Blonde" director Andrew Dominik, we've gotten confirmation that the Marilyn Monroe biopic not only exists but Netflix actually has plans to (eventually) let us see it!

Don't get too excited just yet — there isn't actually a release date in place and we have yet to see a millisecond of footage, but Dominik has let us in on plans for the film's release. Per ScreenDaily, the director hopes to see the film premiere at this year's Cannes Film FA

Andrew Dominik Shares Some Choice Words

Andrew Dominik is known for arthouse films "The Assassination of Jesse James by the Coward Robert Ford" and "Killing Them Softly," but has described "Blonde" as "more accessible" than his previous projects. His intense cut of the film was evidently non-negotiable though, and Netflix eventually relented. If the NC-17 rating is confirmed by the MPAA, "Blonde" will be the first Netflix Original to receive what is ultimately a commercially prohibitive rating, because of how few US theaters will book an NC-17 film. Dominik has referred to this as "a bunch of horseshit." He said,

"It's a demanding movie. If the audience doesn't like it, that's the f***ing audience's problem. It's not running for public office... It's an NC-17 movie about Marilyn Monroe, it's kind of what you want, right? I want to go and see the NC-17 version of the Marilyn Monroe story."

Dominik also assures that he has "nothing but gratitude for Netflix" and their support of the film, despite having issues with the content. He added, "It's much easier to support stuff when you like it. It's much harder when you don't." Despite the bumpy path, the director ultimately seems thrilled about the film, and particularly Ana de Armas' performance. Rumors surrounding "Blonde" allege that the actress required significant ADR in post-production to nail Monroe's accent, and while Dominik confirmed that there was "work involved" to make her "sound American," he also stressed that de Armas "is f***ing amazing — the one thing nobody's going to complain about is [de Armas'] performance." 

Only hearing about this movie via Dominik is getting pretty tortuous. It's impossible not to be intrigued by the prospect of a Monroe biopic alone — toss Ana de Armas and Andrew Dominik into the mix and the many delays are becoming unbearable. At the very least, we can expect "Blonde" to actually hit theaters at some point this year, even if it takes a little longer to arrive on Netflix. But I expect that in the lead-up to its release, we'll be hearing a lot more about what this film has in store from its opinionated director. Along with de Armas, "Blonde" boasts a cast including Adrien Brody, Bobby Cannavale, Caspar Phillipson, Julianne Nicholson, Sara Paxton, Tony Curtis, and Xavier Samuel.