Joe Pesci Is Back In A New Image From Pete Davidson's Peacock Series Bupkis

Living legend and Italian icon Joe Pesci has retired and un-retired numerous times, with his most recent venture back in the limelight positioning him as the grandfather of Pete Davidson in the new Lorne Michaels produced series, "Bupkis." The Academy Award-winning actor also joins Emmy Award-winner Edie Falco, who has been cast as Davidson's mom. I can already hear the sound of a family screaming across the house as a form of conversation rather than walking to the next room and speaking at a normal volume. Reminds me of home. "Bupkis" is a half-hour comedy series loosely based on Pete Davidson's life, with the comedian playing a heightened and fictionalized version of himself.

Davison is writing, starring, and executive producing the series, with Michaels executive producing for Broadway Video. Judah Miller serves as the showrunner and will be writing with Dave Sirus, who is also executive producing alongside Andrew Singer and Erin David. Jason Orley is slated to direct and co-executive produce as well.

This is the second foray into exploring Davison's personal experiences for comedy, after the Judd Apatow comedy "The King of Staten Island." The series also marks the first time Joe Pesci will be playing on a TV series since 1985's "Half Nelson," and his first non-self-appearing role on TV since the "Split Personality" episode of "Tales from the Crypt" in 1992. Ironically, Pesci's last appearances on TV outside of channels playing his films have been on "Saturday Night Live."

Pesci in his nonno era

It'll be fascinating to see Pesci playing a grandfather, especially against a comedian as chill and self-deprecating as Pete Davidson. Even in his older years, Pesci is still as feisty, fiery, and no bulls*** as ever, which should make for some hilarious juxtaposition against a protagonist who cruises through life behind the beat. In the new image released by Peacock, Pesci is seen holding an iPad and wearing a pair of sunglasses that probably cost more than my monthly rent. Have we a scene of generational differences where the old man struggles to understand new technology, or is this an inverse scenario where Pesci is secretly some elderly crypto moneylord?

Either way, getting a new performance from Pesci is a dream come true. The two are also seen sitting on a boat, and I'm hoping in my heart of hearts that the boat belongs to Pesci, because I want nothing more than to see him as a successful nonno enjoying his best life and having to constantly deal with his casually caustic grandson. The word "bupkis" means "nothing at all," and is commonly used to describe someone who doesn't know jack-all about something. I'd be lying if I said a huge part of me wasn't hoping that the show title comes from Pesci calling Davidson a "bupkis" as a term of endearment.

There's currently no release date scheduled for "Bupkis," but the series will be an exclusive on Peacock.