Disney's Society Of Explorers And Adventurers Recruits Qui Nguyen And Ryan Reynolds

You might not be familiar with the Society of Explorers and Adventurers just yet, but you will be soon. That's because the organization, which has been referenced in several Disney theme park attractions all over the world, is getting its own film courtesy of "Strange World" writer and co-director Qui Nguyen and Ryan Reynolds. The Hollywood Reporter revealed the news of the film on Thursday, and an insider told the website that this film is intended to set up its very own live-action franchise, separate from a TV version being developed by Ron Moore ("For All Mankind"). Disney has not yet confirmed these plans, but an official announcement will likely be made soon.

Nguyen is currently slated to write the script for this untitled film. However, it is not clear if he has signed on to direct it. A decision on that may come after the release of "Strange World," which he co-directed with Don Hall. As for Reynolds, he is expected to produce under his Maximum Effort banner, although it is also likely that he will have a role in the film.

A crash course on the Society of Explorers and Adventurers

So who are these guys, and why should we care that they're getting a movie? They are a group of, well, explorers and adventurers that have connections to several Disney properties and rides. For example, rides like the Jungle Cruise and the big Thunder Mountain Railroad are said to have been started by SEA members, and their members have encountered the likes of Indiana Jones and Howard Stark. Seriously, there is a lot to talk about regarding this group.

While only mentioned in passing in the American Disney parks, SEA has a more prominent presence in Asia. The group's first official appearance was in the Fortress Explorations walkthrough attraction in Tokyo DisneySea, with Imagineers rewriting the backstories of other attractions around the world to include them. However, its most well-known appearance is in Hong Kong Disneyland's Mystic Manor dark ride.

According to THR, the original mythologies established throughout the parks will be acknowledged in Nguyen's script. However, it will also veer away from what hardcore fans know by setting it in the present day and adding supernatural elements. What this means is not clear, but either way, it is a concept definitely worth exploring.

The untitled Society of Explorers and Adventurers film hasn't even been officially announced yet, but you can catch Nguyen's "Strange World" in theaters on November 23.