Hellraiser Featurette Reveals How Jamie Clayton's New Cenobite Came To Life

In the days since David Bruckner's take on "Hellraiser" debuted on Hulu, we haven't been able to stop talking about Jamie Clayton's turn as the new version of Pinhead/The Hell Priest, and her incredible transformation into the character made famous by Doug Bradley. Both Bruckner and Clayton have talked at length about the importance, impact, and sacred territory they were both entering by revitalizing the "Hellraiser" series, but Clayton's transformation is wildly impressive on a practical level as well. Brought to life by Bruckner's go-to FX house, Russell FX, Clayton's creature design as The Hell Priest is a stunning nightmare of prosthetics, sclera contact lenses, and yes, plenty of pins in the head.

Clayton's fellow co-stars noted that her presence on set completely changed the energy of the room, with Bruckner saying, "Sometimes she was rather intimidating to be around I think, not just for me and for the other actors but also for the crew." Clayton is, for all intents and purposes, an absolutely delightful presence, which only makes the full-body and personality transformation all the more impressive. Fortunately, the folks at 20th Century Studios have given us a gift in the form of a behind-the-scenes featurette, featuring a time-lapse video of Clayton becoming The Hell Priest. Watch below to see just how much work goes into becoming a Cenobite, and sit back in awe when you realize Clayton had to undergo this transformation every single day while on set.

Watch the Hellraiser featurette

The featurette is titled "Becoming the Priest" and features both the video progression of Clayton while in the makeup chair, as well as footage of her discussing the process. "The makeup takes four hours to do, and about 45 minutes to an hour to remove," Clayton explains. "That's a lot of prosthetics and the suit is very heavy and very tight and very constricting." Once a bald cap is applied to cover her hair, the first piece applied is the iconic pinned head scalp.

Seeing Clayton's face peeking out from underneath the appliance is an absolute delight, but few things are as entertaining as seeing her filing down her fingernails or playing on her cell phone as her flesh slowly morphs into an interdimensional sex demon. "But it's so beautiful," she says. "Oh, it's wild." Clocking in at exactly four hours, Clayton's transformation is complete with the final appliance of the throat decoration, which features the gold Leviathan sigil embedded into the flesh. Distilled down to 45 seconds, this featurette is a mesmerizing look at how much work it takes to craft a Cenobite.