The Last Manhunt Trailer: Jason Momoa Takes On The Western In His Latest Momovie

"You got a reckoning coming ..." in the form of a new Jason Momoa movie. No, it's not "Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom," and in all honesty, who even knows when that movie is coming out anymore. It was supposed to hit theaters this year, but is currently lost at sea until December 2023. However, just in time for the series finale of Momoa's three-season Apple TV+ series, "See" — which drops next week — Saban Films has released a trailer for a Momoa movie set on dry land, the upcoming Western, "The Last Manhunt," directed by and co-starring Momoa's "See" castmate, Christian Camargo.

"The Last Outlaw" is based on a true story which, according to Variety, comes from oral tradition of the Chemehuevi tribe, an indigenous people of the Great Basin region of the United States. The trailer, which you can see below, promises "a band of ruthless lawmen on the greatest manhunt in American history."

The Last Manhunt trailer

Momoa shares a story by credit with screenwriter Thomas Pa'a Sibbett on "The Last Manhunt." The movie doesn't appear to have an official synopsis yet, but when Saban Films acquired the global distribution rights back in July, Variety reported that it would feature a largely Native American cast. You can probably suss out the basics of the plot from the trailer above, which actually makes "The Last Manhunt" look rather good.

An accidental shooting sets off the titular manhunt, led by Camargo's local sheriff, who is accompanied by a Native American tracker, played by Raoul Max Trujillo ("Apocalypto"), and other men. As the Romeo and Juliet of this piece, Martin Sensmeier and Mainei Kinimaka share top billing with Momoa for "The Last Manhunt." Sensmeier plays Willie Boy, the real-life outlaw on whom the movie is based, while Kinimaka plays his forbidden love interest, Carlotta, and Momoa is credited as "Big Jim."

The cast of "The Last Manhunt" also reportedly includes "Killers of the Flower Moon" star Lily Gladstone and "Dark Winds" star Zahn McClarnon, as well as Brandon Oakes and Tantoo Cardinal. I couldn't pick out McClarnon's face in the trailer, but there's one part where it sounds like his voice. At first, I thought they might be employing a flashback narrative, with Momoa playing the older version of Willie Boy in the frame story, but that doesn't appear to be the case. Still, it looks like Momoa is taking on more of a supporting role in "The Last Manhunt."

That said, Saban also distributed another Momoa film, "Braven," which turned out to be the studio's biggest hit. And based on this trailer, "The Last Manhunt," which is said to be eyeing a November release, looks like one Western that might be worth saddling up for.