Jodie Whittaker Says Her Final Doctor Who Episode Is 'One For The Whovians'

Jodie Whittaker has spent the last five years playing one of the most beloved characters in television history as the 13th incarnation of the Time Lord on "Doctor Who." Whittaker holds the distinction as the first woman to ever play The Doctor from planet Gallifrey, but will be saying goodbye in the upcoming 90-minute special "The Power Of The Doctor," which will also mark the end of showrunner Chris Chibnall's tenure. Whittaker's successor is "Sex Education" star Ncuti Gatwa, who will also make history as the first Black actor to play the titular role. The regeneration of a new Doctor is always an exciting passing of the TARDIS, so to speak, but with the introduction of Gatwa coinciding with the series' 60th anniversary, "Doctor Who" is celebrating in a massive way.

It was already announced that series favorites Catherine Tate and former Doctor David Tennant would be returning for the special, as well as Janet Fielding and Sophie Aldred as the memorable former companions Tegan and Ace. It's also expected that the special will host some of the show's all-time favorite baddies, like Sacha Dhawan's The Master, the Cybermen, and of course, the Daleks. "It's one for the Whovians," Whittaker told Empire in the "Black Panther: Wakanda Forever" issue of the publication. "It's a huge treat if you're a proper fan," she said. "It's got all the iconic things that you associate with 'Doctor Who.' It's massive."

Whittaker also hinted that her final scene will be emotionally charged, saying, "I love the dialogue Chris [Chibnall] wrote for my regeneration, it captures my Doctor beautifully."

A one-take goodbye

Whittaker described her exit as "simple, epic, and beautiful," confessing that the sequence was performed in one extended take. "When I could see the crew was happy with that last shot, that's when my bottom lip started going," she said. "I was like, 'Well, they can't say they need another take now because I've f****** lost it!'"

The regeneration of the Doctor is exciting in the sense that we get to meet our new hero for the very first time, but saying goodbye to someone we've spent years of our lives going on adventures with can be an emotional rollercoaster. Before Matt Smith became the petty prince of Westeros on "House of the Dragon," he was my Doctor, and watching him say goodbye to Amy Pond (Karen Gillan) made me openly weep like I had just found out my best friend was moving to another country.

Given the importance Whittaker's Thirteenth Doctor has been to so many female fans of the show, there will certainly be tears at her departure. Fortunately, Gatwa is more than a worthy successor, and is joined by old/new showrunner Russell T. Davies, the man who relaunched the series in 2005. "It's inspired casting," Whittaker said of the new Doctor. "He's gonna smash it."

"The Power of the Doctor" arrives sometime between October 16-22, 2022, as part of BBC's Centenary week, but the official release date has not yet been made available.