Superhero Bits: New Black Adam Trailer Links To The DCEU, Invincible Season 3 Is Underway & More

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In this edition of Superhero Bits:

  • The one-month countdown to "Black Adam" begins.

  • A somewhat unexpected DC crossover may be happening.

  • Hasbro is getting in on the Mephisto madness.

  • "Invincible" season 3 is already underway.

  • All that and more!

Mr. Freeze gets a Gotham Knights poster

We are exactly one month away from the release of "Gotham Knights," a video game that has been a very long time coming. Even though Batman will be dead in the game, that doesn't mean his villains have departed Gotham City. To that point, we now have a solo poster for Mr. Freeze, who will be just one of the many antagonists that the Bat-Family will be contending with when the game drops on October 21. A poster was also recently released for Clayface, which you can check out by clicking here.

Check out this artwork from the Zack Snyder episode of Teen Titans Go!

"Justice League" director Zack Snyder recently appeared as himself in the long-running animated series "Teen Titans Go!" on Cartoon Network. Now, artist Dan Hipp, who previously served as the show's art director, has shared some of the background artwork that was cooked up for the episode that honors some of the filmmaker's work. Not surprisingly, there is a heavy focus on his work in the DC universe, with some of the art paying tribute to "Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice." You can check it all out for yourself in the above Instagram post.

She-Hulk episode 5 recap

A new episode of "She-Hulk: Attorney at Law" is set to drop tomorrow on Disney+ as the show's first season moves right along. For those who may need a brief refresher, Marvel has released a recap video that offers a succinct distillation of the events of last week's episode. So, for those who don't have time for a full rewatch, this should do just fine.

Wair, are we really getting a Stargirl and Titans crossover?

What's the time? It's rumor time! Though this time, we admittedly have reason to believe there may be something to it. Rumors recently began circulating online that "Stargirl," which airs on The CW, is going to crossover with "Titans" over on HBO Max. Now, star Brec Bassinger has poured some fuel on those flames, posting the above photo with "Titans" star Ryan Potter, "Stargirl" creator Geoff Johns, and director Eric Dean Seaton. Her caption also seems pretty sarcastic, making us believe that she might well be hinting at something more than just a coincidental run-in. We'll have to wait until Warner Bros. makes it official but this is starting to seem very likely.

HasbroPulse is (maybe) bringing Mephisto to the party

Recently, HasbroPulse unveiled its Ghost Rider Engine of Vengeance which is in need of 9 thousand backers to make it a reality. Well, if the campaign makes it to 12 thousand backers, an additional figure will be making its way out into the world in the form of the above Mephisto figure. Mephisto became a pretty big topic of conversation beginning in 2020 when "WandaVision" fan theories brought him to the forefront. He's yet to actually appear in the MCU, but his profile got a big bump thanks to these various theories. Now, we might be getting a fancy new Marvel Legends figure to go with it. Those interested in backing this campaign can do so by clicking here.

Invincible season 3 is already being worked on says Khary Payton

While we haven't even seen "Invincible" season 2 release on Prime Video yet, that hasn't stopped Robert Kirkman and the gang from getting to work on the next season. This, according to a recent interview with one of the show's stars, Khary Payton, who revealed to The Movie Dweeb that they've finished season 2 and have moved right into season 3.

"We finished Season 2, we're on to Season 3. But, it's so hard to say right now. There was a glut of animation studios just trying to get so much done, and literally, it was like projects sitting there with a backpack full of, you know, material being like 'anytime you're ready.' You know what I mean? But there was literally a line for the really great studios to just get this work out. So, I honestly can't tell you. I am dying to...I am so glad they greenlit [Seasons] 2 and 3 at the same time. That means that when 3 comes out, it'll feel like just next season and not like a lifetime."

While there may be a bit of a backup in terms of animation studios getting things done right now, the voiceover work can continue. So fans of "Invincible" shouldn't worry about the team just sitting on their hands, at the very least.

New Black Adam trailer features Superman, Batman and other DC heroes

Today officially kicks off the one-month countdown for "Black Adam." While we didn't get another full-length trailer, the above video was released today serving as kind of an extended TV spot/short trailer. It, rather intriguingly, kicks off by connecting The Rock's upcoming film to the rest of the DC universe, with brief snippets of Batman, Superman, and others. Though this footage was nabbed from previous DCEU movies, it doesn't necessarily mean that these heroes are going to appear on screen. Still, it's interesting that Warner Bros. is looking to make such a strong connection to the wider DC universe this late in the game. Make of that what you will. "Black Adam" hits theaters on October 21.

Check out this delightful animated Batman dance video

Lastly, we end with something that is purely for fun in the form of the above video from Monster Truck Ninja. It features a whole bunch of DC characters dancing to a version of the '60s "Batman" TV theme from the Adam West era. But it's not all versions of the characters from that show, as we see a classic Joker, as well as a "Suicide Squad" Joker, just for starters. There are tons of characters dancing to the theme and Alfred, in particular, gets quite the moment in the spotlight. While it's not new, the video did start recently making the rounds again on social media and is certainly worth a watch. Check it out in its entirety for yourself above.