You Might See This Superman Villain In Titans Season 4

Mother Mayhem, Brother Blood, and Jinx aren't the only group of villains you're about to meet in HBO Max's Season 4 of "Titans." The series, based on the "Teen Titans" comic books, is a fascinating franchise that features teen heroes from the DC Universe who have connections to the Justice League and other superpowered individuals.

The heroes in "Titans" have had to deal with several rogues over the past three seasons — including Deathstroke, Blackfire, and Scarecrow — and a new rumor suggests that a beloved Superman villain is making his way to the fourth.

Conner Kent will have his hands full

A prominent character and one of the most powerful on the team in "Titans" is Superboy, aka Conner Kent (Joshua Orpin). Introduced at the end of the first season, the superhero is a hybrid human/Kryptonian cloned from the Man of Steel and his most notable archnemesis, Lex Luthor.

Season 2 of the HBO Max series established how Conner had inherited Superman's abilities and Luthor's intellectual gifts. Still, he's a relatively underdeveloped character seen battling between the good and the potential evil in him. He was made from a hero and a villain — so how will Conner react when Luthor himself makes an appearance in his life?

A report shared by The Illuminerdi states that Lex Luthor could be joining the HBO Max drama during its fourth season. As per the publication's sources, Luthor will not be a recurring cast member on the show, but his appearance will be significant. Warner Bros. hasn't responded to the casting information yet, but it wouldn't be out of place for Luthor to turn up, considering Superboy's current character arc.

It's Superboy's time

"Titans" has been somewhat confused about their approach to exploring Superboy's character. Many fans have felt the superhero was underused in the past two seasons. The character appeared in the comic back in 2003, so there's plenty of source material for the series to follow — examining Superboy's origin would undoubtedly give the hero the importance he deserves. However, if Lex Luthor's appearance isn't connected to his teen twin (petition to call Superboy Lex and Superman's teen twin, please), his inclusion would seem rather odd and unnecessary.

The Illuminerdi has shared some details on the character, saying that the "Titans" version of Lex Luthor will be at least 40 years old, and his appearance is intended to be "memorable." We may not yet know who will play the revered villain on screen, but we can only hope that whichever actor takes over the role can mimic Lex's disposition as a schemer and still represent his knowledge and wit.

"Titans" has frequently been criticized for convoluting its story by featuring far too many villains and plotlines. With three rogues already slated to join the show, only time will tell how the inclusion of another one of DC's most competent villains would impact it.