Johnny Knoxville Says There Is No Jackass Revival In The Works [Exclusive]

Don't break out your Party Boy panties and your camcorders just yet, "Jackass" fans — the beloved series is not getting a revival as previously reported. There is still some great new content headed our way from the crew behind the franchise, but it's not going to be more "Jackass." In a soon-to-be published interview with /Film's Ethan Anderton to promote his upcoming Hulu series, "Reboot," "Jackass" star Johnny Knoxville explained that there have been some misunderstandings with regards to the future of all things "Jackass." Indeed, "Jackass Forever" was likely the nail in the coffin for that particular brand of humorous hijinks. 

With the guys getting older and recovery from injuries taking longer (and far more dangerous), it's really not a huge shock that "Jackass" isn't coming back. For those of us who love the guys and don't want to see them disappear completely, however, the good news is that they're still making something for Paramount+.

No more bulls*** for these boys

When asked about the potential revival, Knoxville immediately gave it the kibosh:

"A 'Jackass' series not coming back. It's something from the people who make 'Jackass,' but it's not the 'Jackass' series. That was misprinted in the — I don't mean to blame the press [laughs]. [...] Me and Tremaine and the guys are doing something, but it's not the series."

While it's certainly a bummer that there isn't any more "Jackass" headed our way, the silver lining is that at least the guys are working together on something. Knoxville was cagey with details, but there are several possible avenues for the guys to take on streaming, including a series that crosses over "Loiter Squad" with the "Jackass" crew and lets the younger guys get hurt instead, a wrestling show with Danger Ehren, and a neo-"Wildboyz" with Knoxville and Chris Pontius exploring nature (and probably being attacked by it). There are a lot of potential ways for the Dickhouse boys to make us all laugh without ending up in the hospital, and I'm just glad they're going to be taking better care of themselves without leaving their devoted fans completely in the dust. 

Unfortunately, the new series is still a mystery project and we don't have much more information on it just yet. While we're waiting for more from these maniacs, fans who want to relive the madness of the movies can check out all four of the theatrical releases on Paramount+.