Tim Allen Says The Santa Clauses Will Address Intriguing Unanswered Questions From The Franchise

It's time for all of those people who complained Disney was "ruining Tim Allen's legacy" by casting Chris Evans in "Lightyear" to put their Disney+ streaming hours where their mouths are, because "The Santa Clauses" are coming to town! The trilogy of Christmas films first began in 1994, with Allen taking on the role of the holly-jolliest man in red, and ensuring a generation would misspell "Santa Claus” for the rest of their lives. The series comes 16 years after the final film, and will likely conclude this particular story of Santa and co. for good.

Scott Calvin (Allen) is getting older, and he's not going to be able to continue being Santa forever. He only got the gig the first time around after he scared the big man off the roof and was contractually obligated to fulfill the role, but as he feels his Santa magic slowly slipping away, he realizes the time has come to retire. His wife and kids have spent their lives at the North Pole, and they're all long overdue for a little bit of normalcy. Now, Scott is on a mission to find the perfect Santa replacement, preparing his family for a return to civilian life, and saying goodbye to the elves and children of the world he's considered family after all these years.

/Film's Dalin Rowell was in attendance at the Disney Branded Television panel at D23 where Allen took the stage to talk about "The Santa Clauses," and confirmed the series would answer all of the burning questions fans have been wondering about since the very first movie.

What DID happen to the Santa on the roof?!

During the D23 panel, host Raven-Symoné asked Allen why now for "The Santa Clauses" and he mentioned how his interest in the deep lore of Marvel movies inspired him to want to find the answers to the lingering questions from the franchise, especially from the original 1994 film. "The question that I've always wanted, is how come the elves weren't worried that I showed up in 'The Santa Clause,' first thought?" Allen asked. "And what happened to the guy that slid off the roof?" 

Look, Allen has a point here. There have been countless fan theories and Reddit conspiracies trying to figure out what happened to the original Santa, so if Disney has some ideas, I'm all ears.

Allen also said the show will answer questions like why Mrs. Claus doesn't have a first name, the history of Santa, whether or not there have ever been other human children at the North Pole, where Santa comes from, and most importantly, how Bernard the Elf (David Krumholtz) fits into the world. "It's going to make the originals of 'The Santa Clause' even more important," said Allen.

Allen is joined by Elizabeth Mitchell, Elizabeth Allen-Dick, Devin Bright, Austin Kane, Matilda Lawler, Rupali Redd, and Kal Penn. No word yet on whether or not we'll see Judge Reinhold or Wendy Crewson, but my letter to Santa asking for the return of Neil is already in the mail.

"The Santa Clauses" debuts on Disney+ with a two-episode premiere on November 16, 2022, with new episodes released weekly into the holiday season.