Ti West Will Complete The X Trilogy With MaXXXine

Remember when Ti West revealed his sequel film, "Pearl," had already been shot when he debuted "X" at South by Southwest in March 2022, a mere six months ago? Not only has he made good on his word — "Pearl" arrives in theaters on September 16 — but he just announced yet another installment in the franchise. Yes, you read that right: "MaXXXine" is on her way.

West revealed that the third installment of the "X" franchise — following "X" and "Pearl" — is in development with producer A24 at the helm once more following the "Pearl" premiere screening at Toronto International Film Festival on September 12, 2022. Additionally, a teaser featuring old school video visuals and a remake of the Hollywood sign that reads "MAXXXINE" was released. According to a press release, the film has been "greenlit" by A24 and is now in development, so it doesn't appear that we'll get this third film as quickly as we got "Pearl," but it's clear West has a fierce dedication to this franchise. I suspect the film will be made quickly, especially to ride the incoming "Pearl" wave. Fingers crossed, anyway!

The upcoming third installment in the franchise follows "Maxine (Mia Goth), after the events of X, as the sole survivor who continues her journey towards fame setting out to make it as an actress in 1980's Los Angeles," according to the production house. It's a simple enough premise, but "X" and "Pearl" are also pretty standard by comparison, no big frills with either story. They are slasher films at their core, and while they each do their part to defy convention, they also lean into it wholeheartedly in certain areas.

Third time's the charm

In short, we have no reason not to believe that the third segment of the "X" franchise isn't going to be stellar. I saw "Pearl" at Venice Film Festival last week, and it was truly a sight to behold. Between the bright technicolor design, the sharp cinematography, the biting script, and the absolutely insane and perfect performance of lead Mia Goth, there is so much to love about this sequel-prequel that is altogether different but no less brilliant than the film that came before it.

One thing to watch out for with the "X" prequel is the end credits scene. I mention this only because it completely blew me away with its simplicity, but at the same time how telling it was with regards to not only the character but the life she has ahead of her. I implore you to stay through until the end, because it will cement your belief in Goth's impending stardom if you're still having doubts by the time the credits roll.

"Pearl" arrives in theaters on September 16, 2022. There has yet to be a release date announced for "MaXXXine."