Snow White Footage Description: It's Gal Gadot Versus Rachel Zegler [D23]

Disney is currently hard at work remaking pretty much every single successful animated feature into a live-action version, and they've finally returned to the film where it all began: "Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs." The upcoming film from "The Amazing Spider-Man" director Mark Webb will expand on the 1937 animated classic and will star Rachel Zegler ("West Side Story") as the title character. Starring opposite Zegler is Wonder Woman herself, Gal Gadot, as the Evil Queen. As a part of Disney's D23 celebrations, Gadot and Zegler stepped out on the stage in Anaheim, California to share a brief clip from the film and their excitement about bringing this magical movie to life. 

Zegler exploded onto the scene in Spielberg's "West Side Story," earning the role of Maria when she was only 16 years old by sending in a video of herself belting out two of the musical's main songs. It's a good thing that we know she can really sing, because this version of "Snow White" seems to be leaning into the musicality of early Disney animated features. Benj Pasek and Justin Paul, the musical duo behind "The Greatest Showman" and "La La Land," have joined the team behind "Snow White" and are writing new songs to join some of the classic favorites from the original. The soundtrack to this could end up being pretty great, and the movie doesn't sound too terrible either. 

Gadot plays bad and the footage looks good

/Film's Ethan Anderton attended the upcoming Disney and Pixar films panel at D23 and described the brief footage shown. There were quick flashes of several major settings, including Snow White's cottage in the woods, the intricately designed interior of the queen's castle, and the moss-covered forest that is both friend and foe to Snow White, depending on whether or not she's lost. There were also short glimpses of Gadot as the evil queen, Zegler as Snow White, and Snow White's hand falling with the poisoned apple toppling along with her. 

Zegler shared that she was excited for some of the new technology they've incorporated into the movie, which might have something to do with the CGI effects used to bring the fantasy world to life. Gadot, on the other hand, was concerned with more mundane matters, like how much fun it was to really break bad: 

"It was very different from anything I've ever done before. I'm used to playing the other end of where the heart should be. Stepping into her shoes and getting under her skin was delightful. It's so not me, but it was so great. The fact that I could go cuckoo, and crazy, and dance and stretch."

It sounds like Gadot had a lot of fun playing the villainously vain ruler, and fun villains can make an entire movie worth watching. Between the potentially killer soundtrack and a vampy villain really letting loose, "Snow White" sounds like a lot of fun. "Snow White" is set to release in 2024.