Wonder Woman Footage Recap

As part of our visit to Warner Bros. post-production facility for Wonder Woman in London, England, director Patty Jenkins sat down to preview some footage from the DC Comics film adaptation. This is the first time the footage has been screened for anyone outside of the film’s post-production crew, so Jenkins was happy to share the result of all the work they’ve been doing.

We were shown four different scenes from Wonder Woman, which totaled up to roughly 16 minutes of footage. While there were some unfinished effects, an incomplete sound mix, and a temporary score, the scenes in question gave us a good idea of what we can expect from Patty Jenkins, and it looks like exactly the kind of movie that the DC Expanded Universe needs right now.

Wonder Woman - Chris Pine

Diana Prince and Steve Trevor Set Sail

The first sequence played for us features Diana Prince (Gal Gadot) and Steve Trevor (Chris Pine) setting sail toward London. Against the wishes of her mother, Queen Hippolyta (Connie Nielsen), Diana has decided to sneak away with Steve so that he may get secret intelligence to the Allied forces, and she can find Ares and stop him from creating chaos by way of World War I.

Though Hippolyta was firmly against Diana taking on this mission, from a distance she watches them leave the island without trying to stop them. Her sister, Antiope (Robin Wright) asks vaguely, “Should you have told her?” Hippolyta responds cryptically, “The more she knows, the sooner he’ll find her.” The “he” in question is presumably Ares, which implies that there’s some kind of connection between Ares and Diana that the latter hasn’t been made aware of yet.

As Diana and Steve set sail, she asks him to take her to where the fighting is the most intense, because that’s where she will find Ares, the god of war. Diana believes that once she finds Ares, she’ll be able to kill him with the Godkiller sword and stop the fighting. Steve doesn’t necessarily buy into that, and he’s more concerned with getting back to London and finding the men who can end this war.

Without hesitation, Diana says, “I’m the man who can.” She believes once Ares is destroyed, the German forces will be free of his influence, become good men again, and the world will be better for it. That’s all the expository stuff we need in this scene. The rest of this sequence gives us a better idea of how Diana is being handled as a character.

Wonder Woman - Gal Gadot

Steve Trevor shifts around the boat to create a makeshift bed out of what’s on the boat. He makes one area for Diana to sleep in while he makes another separate area for himself. Diana finds this odd, inquiring whether the average man sleeps or not, or maybe just doesn’t sleep with women. Steve clarifies that it’s just not polite or customary to sleep next to a woman if she’s not married to the man sleeping next to her.

The scene makes for an amusing exchange where we learn that Diana isn’t up to snuff on some of mankind’s traditions, and Chris Pine gets perfectly flustered when trying to explain them. But more importantly, it creates wonderful chemistry between Diana and Steve, showing more genuine humanity and charm than all of the previous DC movies combined. Steve feels the need to prove that he’s not just an average man in the face of a woman who is so self-assured and spirited, explaining that he’s not just an “average man” since being a spy takes a certain amount of skill.

Though Diana is not familiar with the concept of marriage, she’s not completely naive or clueless. As the conversation continues, Diana has no trouble explaining that she’s familiar with reproductive biology and “the pleasures of the flesh”, having read all 12 volumes of Cleo’s treatises on body and pleasure. Some more humor is doled out when Diana explains that the books came to the conclusion that males are necessary for procreation but not for pleasure, a statement with which Steve casually disagrees.

These are the kind of moments that have been few and far between in all of the previous DC Expanded Universe movies. Though Clark Kent and Lois Lane have shared some intimate moments like this, they don’t come close to having the charm and authenticity of this exchange between Steve and Diana.

Next, we met two of the film’s villains.

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