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Last night brought Tracy Morgan back to Studio 8H to host Saturday Night Live for a second time, after hosting the show back in 2009. But more importantly, this was also his first time actually performing (with the exception of a couple small appearances on awards broadcasts and talk shows) on television since his near-fatal accident about 16 months ago.

The good news is that not only was this a triumphant return for Tracy Morgan, but this was just a plain great episode of SNL. I’m not even cutting Morgan slack since this is a big comeback for him. This was just a solid episode all around, and Morgan’s presence only made it better. So let’s get down to the sketches.

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The Best

Family Feud: Extended FamilySaturday Night Live has done Family Feud before, and I never get tired of Kenan Thompson’s dead-on Steve Harvey impression. But usually they make it Celebrity Family Feud as a showcase for other impressions. Thankfully, this one actually had a great premise following a broken family and the new family that the father (Tracy Morgan) left behind. Thompson’s reaction to the drama only adds to the hilarity. This was almost as good as Black Jeopardy with Louis CK.

Yo! Where Jackie Chat at Right Now? – At first I had no idea what the hell this was going to be. It felt like it was just going to fall flat. But then out of nowhere it just got more and more ridiculous. The cavalcade of people who didn’t know where Jackie Chan was, which included great impressions from Jay Pharoah as Chris Tucker and Taran Killam as Owen Wilson (and not so great impressions like Bobby Moynihan as Steven Seagal), saved and elevated it at the same time.

Democratic Debate – Over the past few years the cold opens, especially the topical political sketches, haven’t really been up to snuff. But last night was one of the best in recent memory. With the genius casting of Larry David (who actually used to write at SNL years ago) as Bernie Sanders, which is nearly on the same level as Tina Fey as Sarah Palin, SNL showed that while they do skew towards the liberal side of things, they have no problem poking fun at them too. David’s take on Sanders exaggerates the crazy uncle side of the politician, turning it up to 11, and it was a pure delight.

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