Marvel Legends Black Panther Figures

Marvel Legends Black Panther

Even though there’s a whole set of Black Panther figures in the Marvel Legends line-up, there are a couple that were apparently held back. There’s a new version of Killmonger with his face revealed while wearing his own Black Panther suit, and Agent Ross (Martin Freeman) finally gets his own figure, though his hair doesn’t look quite right since it’s far more blonde than it appears in the movie. Still, they’ll make a nice addition to the Black Panther figure ensemble.

Star Wars Black Series Figures

The Black Series of Star Wars figures from Hasbro continues to grow, and there are some fine additions coming this year. As you can see, there’s a new Princess Leia from The Empire Strikes Back, a Gamorrean Guard from Return of the Jedi, CC-3636 (aka Commander Wolffe) from The Clone Wars, as well as Zuckuss the bounty hunter. These are easily the best quality Star Wars figures for their price, and I’m glad to see more of them.

Don’t forget, there are also the new Solo: A Star Wars Story figures we featured a little while ago too.

Star Wars Black Series - Riot Baton

Star Wars Force FX Riot Baton

The signature weapon of a certain Stormtrooper became famous when he took on Finn armed with a lightsaber. It’s certainly one of the cooler weapons to be given to a Stormtrooper, and this looks like a pretty slick little prop replica. It’ll be awesome to yell traitor while spinning this baton around. Much like the Kylo Ren helmet and Poe Dameron pilot helmet, this is part of the Black Series line-up of prop replicas.

The Real Ghostbusters Figures

The Real Ghostbusters Figures

Diamond Select Toys is already knocking their Ghostbusters merchandise out of the park. Their first line of figures allowed fans to build an impressive diorama of the rooftop scene from the first film. A new line of figures from Ghostbusters II will allow fans to build the front of the Ghostbusters firehouse. But they’re not done there, because now The Real Ghostbusters are getting their own new line of figures.

The animated version of the Ghostbusters are being turned into detailed action figures that look much better than any of the toys that were available for kids to get their hands on back in the late 1980s. They’re all properly color coordinated, including having different colored proton pack streams. Speaking of which, the proton packs look awesome too. These figures are supposed to arrive in two waves, one this summer and one this fall. Thanks to Twitter user @FakeEyes22 for the picture above.

Pacific Rim Uprising Toys

Pacific Rim Uprising Figures

Diamond Select Toys is also knocking their line of Pacific Rim Uprising figures out of the park. All of the signature Jaegers are getting their own figures, and it looks like there’s an interesting evolution of the kaiku, because there appears to be an armored monster that looks like a kaiju wearing Jaeger armor. That should be interesting. Some figures are on shelves now while others will arrive later this year. If you’re into some pricier Pacific Rim figures, check out the assortment Bluefin will have available over here.

Funko POPs: Saturday Night Live, Coming to America and More

The army of Funko POPs continues to grow, and there are plenty of cool new lines coming soon. Saturday Night Live is finally getting some Funko POPs, though they’ve started with more of the recent characters instead of the classics. But there are some other classic comedy POPs coming, with figures for Coming to America and The Princess Bride. There’s also Atomic Blonde, Grease and Super Troopers. Another Nickelodeon set is coming in the form of Doug, but unfortunately, the designs are based on the Disney version of the animated series and movie, so that’s a bit of a bummer.

Buddy the Elf

If smiling is your favorite, then you’ll probably want to get your hands on this Buddy the Elf figure on the way from NECA. To be honest, the face is a little creepy, but it’s meant to be stylized like the Christmas Vacation figures of Clark Griswold that they’ve released previously. Buddy comes with a cloth elf wardrobe, a bottle of maple syrup and a bag full of spaghetti for lunch.


Those are all the cool toys that caught our eye from Toy Fair 2018. If you want to take a closer look at all the figures on display, we recommend heading over to ToyArk to see their full photo coverage of the convention.

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