most evil movie santas

#13. Check Out Some of the Most Evil Santas from Cinema

Our own Jacob Hall runs through some of the most evil iterations of Santa Claus that cinema has ever seen. There are probably more than you think, and some of them are undoubtedly weird. Check it out right here.

#12. Fargo Season 3 Will Bring the Story to Present Day

fargo season 3 cast

The third season of Fargo will bring the story back to present day after two seasons that took place in the past. Find out what we know about the third season of Fargo right here.

#11. Sylvester Stallone Developing a Father & Son Rambo TV Series

rambo tv show

After successfully getting a Rocky spin-off together, Sylvester Stallone is looking to get Rambo kicking again with a new TV series that will focus on John Rambo meeting his long-lost son. Find out more in our full story right here.

#10. Times the Internet Was Quick to Overreact

Michael Keaton Batman

Jacob Hall runs through seven instances when fans were quick to overreact to something that believed unfavorable with regards to their favorite movies. From Batman to James Bond, check out the list right here.

#9.  The Nice Guys Red Band Trailer: Gosling & Crowe Are Partners

The detective comedy arrives on May 20th, 2016.

#8. Steven Spielberg Also Says Indiana Jones Won’t Be Recast

indiana jones

Director Steven Spielberg echoes sentiments we’ve heard from producer Frank Marshall that Indiana Jones won’t be recast with a new actor when Harrison Ford is done with the role. Read what he had to say right here.

#7. Zoolander 2 International Trailer: Derek is Out of Fashion

The comedy sequel arrives on February 12th.

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