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Last night, a new trailer for Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice arrived and the internet reacted accordingly. By exploding. Today, we have sorted through the rubble, sifted through ashes, and gone through the trailer frame-by-frame to explore what new revelations this new batch of footage brings to light.

So join us after the jump as we take a deep dive into that new trailer.

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Ben Affleck‘s Bruce Wayne is older, wise, and slightly more grizzled than the rest of his cinematic counterparts. So while Christian Bale’s younger, flashier playboy billionaire drove a flash Lamborghini, Affleck is seen here driving a more classic automobile. This Batman drives on older vehicle that’s still cool and still working, despite the miles that have surely been put on it? We see what you did there, movie.

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This exchange of dialogue between Henry Cavill‘s Clark Kent and another reporter suggests that Clark is still very new on the scene. He doesn’t even know who Bruce Wayne is yet, which suggests that he hasn’t been working at the Daily Planet for very long. In other words, not that much time has passed since the events of Man of Steel.

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This trailer offers our first full and proper look at Affleck as Bruce Wayne and, well, he looks great. “Cool and confident charmer with a few tricks up his sleeve” is a part he was born to play. You’ve got to love his little “Oh, we’re talking about Batman now?” smirk.

BvS 4

Hey! It’s a Batarang! This take on Batman’s iconic weapon looks like the halfway point between the heavily stylized versions seen in the Tim Burton films and the literally-hand-cut-in-a-basement iterations in Christopher Nolan’s movies. In other words: just comic book-y enough, while grounded enough to sell the fact that Batman is just a guy with a budget and a lot of time to make gadgets.

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Batman may not believe in killing his enemies, but he certainly believes in scarring them to leave a permanent message. That’s awfully rough (it’s hard to imagine many iterations of the character deliberate marking his foes like this), but it does drive home the point that this Batman isn’t messing around. He’s a tough, merciless guy. You know, the kind of guy who wouldn’t think twice about fighting an invincible alien.

BvS 6

Here’s a daytime look at that Superman statue, first glimpsed in the first teaser trailer from awhile back. It still seems a little weird that Metropolis would build such a huge monument to a guy whose mere presence is a reminder that half of the city was destroyed, but maybe it’ll make more sense in context. At the very least, couldn’t they have waited a few years? It took Philadelphia two movies and a few championships to give Rocky Balboa similar treatment and Rocky didn’t punch skyscrapers into dust.

BvS 7

Oh, boy. Here’s the most controversial part of a trailer that has already been dividing the internet: our first extended look at Jesse Eisenberg as Lex Luthor. With his hyperactive personality and long locks, he’s a far cry from any Lex Luthor we’ve seen before. To be quite frank, he seems, well, annoying. But that may be the point. This young, energy drink-addled snob is about as far from Bruce Wayne as you can get and you can understand any instant animosity they have for each other.

BvS 8

We saw her in the previous trailer, but here’s another good look at Academy Award winner Holly Hunter as Senator Finch, the congresswoman in charge of investigating Superman. She, uh, looks like Holly Hunter. Moving on!

BvS 9

Now here is a Batcave built by a guy who’s been doing this for awhile! Industrial and slick, it’s a far cry from the gothic vision of the Burton films and the ragtag operation from Nolan’s trilogy. Note Robin’s vandalized costume (as seen in a few trailers) on display to right. Also note the strange red room in the middle of the frame. Could that be an armory? A trophy room? Where’s the giant penny and the dinosaur?

BvS 10

We’ve known for awhile that Batman v Superman would revisit the climax of Man of Steel, showing the destruction of Metropolis from Bruce Wayne’s perspective. This trailer offers a fresh, ground-level look at the chaos, where a bunch of debris seems to be exploding at…Fart Street?

BvS 11

Here’s another big shot: an over-the-shoulder of Bruce Wayne watching Zod’s “World Engine” do its thing. Using the controversial climax of the previous film as motivation for Batman is a fascinating concept…if Zack Snyder and his team can pull it off. Making Batman the audience surrogate, the guy who is aghast at what Superman and Zod did to the city, is a ballsy move.

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