J.J. Abrams - Demimonde Series

If there’s one complaint that fans have about the new Star Wars trilogy across the board, it’s that the story wasn’t completely planned out across all three movies. Instead, Lucasfilm intended to have different filmmakers tackle each chapter, simply picking up where the last movie left off. That means fans were left with a trilogy that felt a little disjointed, and a recent interview with J.J. Abrams seems to imply that he agrees the new Star Wars trilogy would have benefited from plotting all three movies from the beginning. Read More »

Rian Johnson on Writing The Last Jedi

In this edition of Star Wars Bits:

  • Boba Fett to Appear in Star Wars: War of the Bounty Hunters
  • Rian Johnson’s Star Wars Trilogy Reportedly Still Happening
  • Gina Carano No Longer Employed By Lucasfilm
  • Star Wars Insider Issue #200
  • More Inferno Squad Adventures?
  • Star Wars Podcast & YouTube Round-Up
  • And more!

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DJ in The Last Jedi

(Welcome to The Galaxy-Wide Star Wars Character Guide, where we give proper due to the smaller figures in Star Wars history.)

Great news! This article does not intend to re-litigate Star Wars: The Last Jedi. No one needs that in their lives at the moment, and my views on the film are too down-the-middle to please anyone anyway. Instead, we’re here to take a closer look at one of its stand-out characters, DJ – a gloriously strange character played by the gloriously strange Benicio del Toro.

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Mandalorian and The Last Jedi

This post contains major spoilers for The Mandalorian and Star Wars: The Last Jedi

For anyone with a passing familiarity with the timeline of The Mandalorian and its relationship to the rest of the Star Wars canon, it wasn’t a hard leap to guess that Luke Skywalker would be the Jedi to answer Grogu’s (or as you better know him, Baby Yoda) call from the temple on Tython. 

When he finally did appear on the season finale of The Mandalorian, he brought with him an action scene that is at once breathtaking and startling. Evoking equal parts of Darth Vader’s Rogue One hallway scene and Obi-Wan and Qui-Gon at the beginning of The Phantom Menace, Luke Skywalker arrives and cuts down the Dark Troopers in style.

To boil it down to a word, that word would be “badass.”

This scene and depiction of Luke became a talking point between those who liked Luke’s depiction as a broken man in The Last Jedi and those who disliked or misunderstood it, finding this new scene to be a repudiation of Rian Johnson’s masterpiece. So let’s cut through the noise: the Luke on display in The Mandalorian is exactly the Luke that we’ll find years later in The Last Jedi.

Let me explain.

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the last jedi anakin

Star Wars: The Last Jedi is back in the news again. The divisive eighth installment in the Skywalker Saga has a few new fun facts for you, unveiled by none other than writer/director Rian Johnson, who engaged in an informal Q&A of sorts on Twitter about the 2017 Star Wars movie. Per Johnson, he nearly included an appearance from the tragic central figure of the prequels, Anakin Skywalker, but decided against it.

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Rian Johnson has been a real trooper on Twitter for the past three years. Despite the exorbitant amount of hate that his 2017 film Star Wars: The Last Jedi has received from certain circles, Johnson has taken it like a champ, spreading humor and goodwill with his followers, and mostly ignoring the trolls that pile into his replies. But even Johnson needs some support every now and then, and a viral video of a Last Jedi fan getting the film’s greatness on the record with the Sioux Falls, South Dakota city council, provided the filmmaker with just that.

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John Boyega's Star Wars Reaction

John Boyega became a huge star thanks to his casting as one of the main characters in Star Wars: The Force Awakens. Almost any actor would kill to get such a high caliber role to further their career, and Boyega was undoubtedly excited about having the biggest role given to a Black actor in the Star Wars saga…until he wasn’t.

In a recent interview, now that all the fluffy publicity of Star Wars is behind him, Boyega got brutally honest about his overall experience in a galaxy far, far away. And it’s clear that he feels quite frustrated with the direction, or lack thereof, that Finn was given in the new Star Wars trilogy. Read More »

Mark Hamill Walk of Fame

Mark Hamill is best known for playing Luke Skywalker in the Star Wars saga, but he’s also a renowned voice actor. That’s why Hamill also lent his voice to some extra characters in the galaxy far, far away, but it turns out there’s even more that Mark Hamill did as a voice actor than previously known.

Recently, the documentary series Disney Gallery: The Mandalorian revealed that Mark Hamill lent his voice to the droid EV-9D9 in an episode of the live-action Star Wars series on Disney+. That prompted Hamill to confirm on social media that he has extra voice roles in the Star Wars universe outside of the ones we already knew about. Read More »

the last jedi behind the scenes photos

Star Wars: The Last Jedi and its incredible throne room scene remains burned in our minds, even three years after the polarizing film’s release. Now, as we sit twiddling our thumbs and scrolling through Twitter during our self-quarantines, The Last Jedi director Rian Johnson is dropping a few behind-the-scenes photos from that scene, as well as a sweet candid image of Carrie Fisher. See The Last Jedi behind the scenes photos below.

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Cool Posts From Around the Web:

Watching The Last Jedi After The Rise of Skywalker

When it comes to beloved genre film franchises, Star Wars stands alone. I’m not talking about in terms of box office numbers or household name recognition, but in the DNA of how the brand came to exist. Unlike The Lord of the Rings or Harry Potter, a galaxy far, far away doesn’t have the underlying structure of novels to hang its themes and narrative on. While the Marvel Cinematic Universe and the DC Extended Universe have decades of source material to mine, Star Wars does not have that luxury. Unless you count Legends lore, which is a gnarled tangle from which a handful of useful pieces have been salvaged. 

My point being that Star Wars is a multi-billion dollar machine that operates like a pantser instead of a planner. In fiction writing, there are two major schools of thought: planners are pretty self-explanatory. They like to have an outline, to know where the story is going and have a detailed plan for how to get there. On the downside, planners can get bogged down in the details, refusing to set pen to paper (or fingers to keyboard) until every single bit of minutia is locked down. Then there are the pantsers. These are the writers who have a vague idea of where their story is going and just fly by the seat of their pants, throwing themselves into the narrative and trusting the characters will lead the narrative where it needs to go. The downside to this can be that without an outline, stories can meander and peter out or hit a wall after the author writes themselves into a metaphorical corner. 

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