blair witch tv series

If 2020 was the year of pop culture being delayed, then 2021 is the year of culture coming back. Or the year of having plenty of reasons to say “nature is healing.” Theme parks around the world are reopening, but not every themed attraction is from Disney or even Universal or Six Flags. Though we’re still a few months away from another Halloween, you’ll have the chance to indulge in something terrifying (hopefully on purpose) this summer with a Blair Witch-themed escape room inspired by the horror franchise about the terror of being lost in the woods and being hunted by something evil. Just, you know, from the safety of sunny Las Vegas.

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Saw franchise billion

The Saw franchise was already one of the most successful horror series in cinematic history, but thanks to a push from its newest entry, the franchise has now officially crossed the billion dollar threshold at the worldwide box office. You know what that means: confetti has exploded from the ceiling and Jigsaw has just been presented with an oversized jacket with dollar signs stitched into it. Congrats, buddy!
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Director Darren Lynn Bousman didn’t create Saw, but he arguably defined it. Following the success of the first film, Bousman was handed the reins of the series and transformed it into a decade-defining horror franchise with Saw II, Saw III, and Saw IV. The elements we remember most – the increasingly gruesome traps, the ensemble of victims ensnared in a series of brutal challenges, the shockingly tight continuity – were all born on his watch.

And after over a decade away from the world of Jigsaw, Bousman is back with Spiral: From the Book of Saw. Less of a direct sequel and more of a separate story set in the world of the previous films, the ninth entry in the series is a police procedural starring Chris Rock as a detective on the trail of a Jigsaw copycat killer targeting cops. This new approach allowed Bousman to make a Saw movie without making a Saw movie, keeping just enough to tie the film to the larger franchise while forging its own identity.

/Film sat down with Bousman to discuss the meeting with Chris Rock that got him back in the director’s chair, the film’s big shift in style from the rest of the series, and the one scene that had to be trimmed to appease the MPAA.

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The Saw franchise is back, with the marquee names of Chris Rock and Samuel L. Jackson injecting some new life into it. After a one-year coronavirus delay, Spiral: From the Book of Saw is finally bound for theaters this Friday. There was a time in the 2000s when every October brought another bloody Saw flick; Spiral is the first film to break the series tradition of releasing right before Halloween. The Jigsaw Killer has never been a critical darling and casual viewers may not have kept up with his last eight appearances. However, the original 2004 Saw stands on its own and it remains an interesting cultural artifact—with more to say about the state of the world post-9/11 than it perhaps intended.

The term “torture porn” solidified around Saw retroactively, around the time that Hostel was revving up the drills and chainsaws to maim tourists on the big screen. That was in January 2006, when New York Magazine ran the headline, “Now Playing at Your Local Multiplex: Torture Porn.” Since then, we’ve often heard labels like “misery porn” and “disaster porn” applied to entertainment (there’s also “food porn,” which predates torture porn and is generally much more appetizing to watch). Yet Saw played into an older heritage of splatter horror and extreme cinema. It also gave several notable filmmakers their first big break, so that it’s now only one degree removed from Kevin Bacon…and Aquaman.

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american psycho tv series

Lionsgate TV is dipping into their film library with the hopes of creating some new series. Both Saw and American Psycho TV shows are in the works, and while details are so slim they might as well be non-existent, horror fans will want to take note. Both of these titles actually have plenty of potential for the TV format – Saw can be turned into an ongoing series full of different traps and mysteries, while the American Psycho source material – Bret Easton Ellis’s controversial novel – is episodic by nature.

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saw 10

Spiral, the latest entry in the blood-drenched Saw franchise, isn’t here yet – but that’s not going to stop Jigsaw’s blades from buzzing. Saw X, the tenth entry in the series, is reportedly already in active development. It’s too soon to say what the movie is even about, or if it’ll be bringing back the characters introduced in the upcoming movie. But at the very least, Saw fans can rest assured that there will be even more blood to come.

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spiral trailer new

Spiral, AKA Spiral: From the Book of Saw, was originally supposed to unleash its bloody horrors last summer. The pandemic nixed that idea, but now, with an end (hopefully) in sight, the sequel is ready to hit the big screen. This latest entry in the Saw franchise stands out because it comes from an unexpected source: Chris Rock. Not only does Rock star in the film, he also is the one who came up with the story, too. Here, Rock plays a cop investigating a series of murders that may or may not be connected to the infamous serial killer/elaborate trap builder Jigsaw. Watch the Spiral trailer below.

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lionsgate movie delays

Nothing says summer movie season like severed limbs, and Spiral: From the Book of Saw is going to deliver on that. Lionsgate has moved up the film’s release date, setting the horror reboot to kick off the summer movie season in May.

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Call of Duty Halloween Event

It’s Halloween, but since full-on parties are going to be few and far between thanks to the coronavirus pandemic, we’ll have to find other ways to enjoy this spooky holiday. If you’re getting sick of watching horror movies and TV shows at home, maybe you’ll want to mix it up with some gaming, and one of the more entertaining options might be playing the latest iteration of Call of Duty during The Haunting of Verdansk Halloween gameplay event, because two horror icons are getting in on the action.

Starting October 20 and running through November 3, Call of Duty is kicking off an in-game Halloween event adding some new gameplay modes in both Modern Warfare and Warzone game variants, along with a spooky new nighttime setting and Halloween-themed rewards. But the most surprising and ridiculous thing about this whole Call of Duty Halloween event is that Texas Chainsaw Massacre killer Leatherface and the terrifying Saw mascot known as Billy the Puppet will be new player skins, bringing the horror icons and some of their killer style into the multiplayer action. Read More »

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The Saw series is back, with a fresh start. Chris Rock stars in (and came up with the story for) Spiral: From the Book of Saw, a new entry in the franchise with a considerably clunky title. The first Spiral trailer is now here, and it takes its time before revealing it’s a Saw film. For the first few moments, you might think this is a new cop thriller starring Chris Rock. And then…things spiral out of control (see what I did there?).

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