artemis fowl review

I’ve been burned before by big-budget Hollywood adaptations of a beloved childhood property. I still remember the time that I sat in the darkened theater for The Last Airbender, M. Night Shyamalan’s disastrous adaptation of the untouchably perfect Nickelodeon series. My deflating excitement slowly being replaced by an appalled disappointment is something that I never wanted to experience again. Unfortunately, I would with Kenneth Branagh‘s shiny and joyless adaptation of Artemis Fowl.

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artemis fowl Nonso Anozie

There are some unusual requirements to play a bodyguard to a 12-year-old criminal mastermind. For Nonso Anozie, who reunites with his Cinderella director Kenneth Branagh in the upcoming Disney fantasy movie Artemis Fowla few things he had to add to his resume were kendo fighting and “troll fighting.” More so the kendo, as the troll fighting would be mostly done by his stunt double.

“But I did a little stunt this morning, being pushed over by the troll,” Anozie told a group of journalists on the set of Artemis Fowl in 2018.

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artemis fowl josh gad

Josh Gad seems to have a penchant for playing wacky supporting characters in Disney fantasy films. After the wild success of his sentient snowman Olaf in Frozen, the actor has appeared as the foppish Lefou in the live-action adaptation of Beauty and the Beast, and now as Mulch Diggums in the upcoming Artemis Fowl. The kleptomaniac dwarf is a fan-favorite of Eoin Colfer’s books, the first of which Gad read to prepare for the part, but the thing that drew him to the project was the chance to play in a “high-concept fantasy world” with his Murder on the Orient Express director Kenneth Branagh.

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artemis fowl kenneth branagh interview

In the aftermath of the global phenomenon that was Harry Potter, Hollywood released a string of children’s fantasy knock-offs eagerly trying to fill the hole it left. But as we cycled through the Eragons, and the Golden Compasses, there was one fantasy series waiting in the wings that might have been the cheeky alternative to the boy wizard that we needed: Artemis Fowl.

The film version finally arrives on Disney+ this summer and we spoke to director Kenneth Branagh about, well, why he changed the source material so much.

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artemis fowl special look

Save Colin Farrell, save the world. That seems to be the gist of Disney’s Artemis Fowl, the upcoming YA fantasy-adventure movie that is foregoing theaters amid the ongoing pandemic to go straight to Disney+ this June. It’s a just cause, to be fair. If only it were true. Disney+ has released a new Artemis Fowl special look that introduces the titular young child genius who embarks on a mission to rescue his father (Farrell), and by extension, save the world. Watch the Artemis Fowl special look below.

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artemis fowl fairy world

When you think of fairy tales and all they encompass — elves, dwarves, centaurs — your mind immediately jumps to the mystical, the faraway lands. But the fairy world of Artemis Fowl is a lot closer to our urban sprawl, in more ways than one.

The fairies of Kenneth Branagh‘s upcoming Disney adaptation of the beloved Eoin Colfer fantasy novels live deep underground, far from the prying eyes of the human world. But they’re not living in phosphorescent caves or gleaming crystal castles. The fairy world is a sleek high-tech utopia with technologies that far exceed those of humanity.

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artemis fowl set visit report

The prevailing magic of children’s fantasy stories is seeing our intrepid heroes come of age in the most fantastical of situations. They enter this strange world timid, unsure, and insecure, and emerge from it a changed, emboldened hero. But Eoin Colfer‘s Artemis Fowl gave us a different kind of hero. In fact, the titular Artemis Fowl was no hero at all.

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artemis fowl release date

Earlier this month, Disney made the surprise move of pulling its next big-budget children’s fantasy movie from theatrical release. Artemis Fowl might have been the next family franchise for the House of Mouse, but instead, it’s going straight to Disney+. And now, Disney has revealed a June 12 Disney+ release date for Artemis Fowl with a new teaser.

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Disney Theatrical Movies

With movie theaters shut down for the time being, and so many movie release dates delayed, moviegoers are wondering if more and more titles will go directly to digital or streaming. Disney made this decision recently with one of their upcoming movies, Artemis Fowl, which is headed right to Disney+. Could that mean additional Disney theatrical titles will go straight there as well? According to Bob Iger, yes – but don’t expect that from huge tentpole movies like Black Widow or Mulan.

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disney release dates

Disney announced wide, sweeping release date changes amid the industry-wide shutterings made out of abundance of caution for ongoing coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic. In an unprecedented move, Disney has pulled Artemis Fowl, from theaters entirely for an exclusive Disney+ debut. Artemis Fowl is the only theatrical release from Disney thus far to entirely forego theaters and go straight to streaming.

The entire Disney summer movie slate has been pushed back, with Mulan, which was originally set to hit theaters in March, set to kick the season off in late July. This has pushed back other films down the line, including Searchlight and 20th Century Studios films like The French Dispatch, Free Guy, and the untitled fifth Indiana Jones movie.

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