arrested development ending

There was a time, not very long ago, when Arrested Development ending seemed like a huge mistake. Now, it’s probably for the best. The Netflix revival of the once-great comedy series has lost its luster, and there’s a good chance the show is ending after its next season. At least, that’s what co-star David Cross says. Season 5 was cut in half, with eight episodes dropping this year, and the next eight set to arrive in 2019. After that, Cross says, the it’s likely Arrested Development is done.

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Master of None Season 3

Netflix Vice President of Original Programming Cindy Holland made her first appearance before the Television Critics Association to take questions from reporters about some of their upcoming programming on the streaming service, including a couple shows whose future has remained somewhat uncertain.

During the session, /Film asked if they’re still in the market to make Master of None season 3, and the sensitivity with which that might be required to launch it following a controversial story about star and creator Aziz Ansari. There was also a brief discussion on the possible future of Arrested Development in the wake of Jeffrey Tambor‘s controversial behavioral allegations. Read More »

arrested development season 5 review

Now the story of a once-hilarious show that was cancelled by Fox, only to be saved by Netflix and become incredibly disappointing in the process. It’s Arrested Development. And it’s back for season 5.

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arrested development season 5

They’ve (possibly) made a huge mistake. Rather than give fans the whole kit and caboodle this month, Netflix is splitting Arrested Development season 5 into two parts. The first eight episodes will arrive May 29, with the remaining eight episodes hitting Netflix later this year.

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arrested development season 4

Mitch Hurwitz and 20th Century Fox Television may have just made a huuuge mistake. The polarizing Arrested Development season 4 “remix” was met with some confusion by fans and critics, but with mostly consternation by the cast members.

The new version of the season re-edited the episodes into shorter run times, but in the process expanded the season length to 22 episodes from the original 15-episode run. This has a few of the Arrested Development cast members arguing that they deserve extra compensation. In this case, it’s unfortunate that [Ron Howard voice]: all the footage was found.

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arrested development season 5 trailer

We’ll be seeing Arrested Development season 5 sooner than expected. A lot sooner – as in this month. Netflix just released an Arrested Development season 5 trailer which reveals a May 29 release date.

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TJ Miller Deadpool 3

Here’s an update on future projects involving controversial figures. While he’s still appearing in the upcoming Deadpool 2, T.J. Miller will not be in future Deadpool films. Meanwhile, Jeffrey Tambor will still be involved in Arrested Development season 5.

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Star Wars with Arrested Development Narration

Ron Howard has a history with George Lucas that goes all the way back to the director’s early work on a coming of age drama called American Graffiti. But it would take another 45 years before Ron Howard would become enveloped in the filmmaker’s most famous creation: the Star Wars universe.

Solo: A Star Wars Story brought in Ron Howard to take the helm of the Han Solo origin story after the young duo of Phil Lord & Chris Miller didn’t deliver what Lucasfilm was hoping to see out of the spin-off. To further immerse himself in the Star Wars universe, Ron Howard took the time to provide some of his signature Arrested Development voiceover for the Star Wars saga. Read More »

Arrested Development season 4 remix

Here’s some good news for Arrested Development fans. In an announcement on Twitter earlier today, creator Mitch Hurwitz said that season 5 of the show is coming “real soon.” So soon, in fact, that we should be surprised that we’re only hearing about the release date now. But while its exact premiere date remains a mystery (for now), Hurwitz is following through on a promise he made back in 2014: an Arrested Development season 4 remix is coming to Netflix this week. It’ll arrive on “Cinco de Cuatro,” a holiday with particular significance to the show’s primary family.
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Infinity War cameo

Before they became known as the directors of some of the biggest blockbusters in history, Anthony and Joe Russo were two of the creative forces behind Arrested Development, one of the funniest and most layered comedies in television history. The filmmaker hermanos snuck a reference to the show in Captain America: Civil War by dropping the famous stair car into that movie’s airport fight scene, so it’s no surprise that they included another shout-out to the series in Avengers: Infinity War. Did you catch the blink-and-you’ll-miss-it reference in the latest Marvel movie?

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