Alamo Drafthouse Los Angeles food

Watch our video tour of the new Alamo Drafthouse Los Angeles location — is it the best movie theater in LA?

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It Chapter Two Clowns Only Screenings

I suppose we should’ve seen this coming. Alamo Drafthouse is getting into the Stephen King spirit with It Chapter Two clowns-only screenings. That’s right: audience members are being encouraged to dress up in clown regalia and take in the highly anticipated horror sequel. This isn’t the first time Drafthouse has clowned around: the theater also staged clowns-only screenings of the first It back in 2017.

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Alamo Drafthouse Los Angeles exterior

Over a decade ago, I saw my first movie screening in the Alamo Drafthouse in Austin, Texas, and declared that it was “the best movie theater EVER!” I remember Alamo founder Tim League telling me at the time about his plans to build an Alamo Drafthouse in Los Angeles. Of course, it’s taken over a decade to find the right location and build it, but the first Alamo Drafthouse is now finally coming to Los Angeles. Now the question is, were they able to recapture the magic of Austin’s South Lamar theater?

Located in The Bloc, an open-air development in downtown Los Angeles, the Drafthouse aims to be not just a movie theater, but a gathering place for a new community of film, tabletop, and pop culture fanatics. Earlier this week, I got a sneak preview tour of the new Alamo Drafthouse DTLA, and I am excited to report back that it not only captures the magic of the Austin Drafthouses I fell in love with, but it promises to be so much more. Keep reading to learn about the new Alamo Drafthouse DTLA, see some photos, and more.

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once upon a time in hollywood drafthouse screenings

The Alamo Drafthouse is going all-in on Quentin Tarantino‘s Once Upon a Time in Hollywood. The theater chain will screen the filmmaker’s latest on 35mm at 19 locations across the country. Featuring vintage 35mm trailers and special repertory programming, this entire scenario seems custom-made to entice cinephiles across the land. There will also be 70mm screenings.

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king-size summer

Stephen King movie adaptations are experiencing a bit of a resurgence lately, but they’re nothing new. King adaptations have been thriving since Brian De Palma’s Carrie in 1976, resulting in some genuinely great – and some not-so-great – films over the years. To celebrate the impending release of the latest King adaptation, It Chapter Two, the Alamo Drafthouse is about to kick-off something they’re calling King-Size Summer. The program will screen several King films on the big screen, a plan which will likely draw in King fans far and wide.

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Alamo Drafthouse Los Angeles

People of Los Angeles, rejoice: the Alamo Drafthouse is coming to Downtown L.A.! No really, I’m serious this time – I know they’ve been promising that for years, but today the theater chain has finally, officially, definitively, concretely announced that the L.A. location will be opening in early July, just a couple of weeks from now. Get all the details below. Read More »

Drafthouse Endgame PSA

Did you hear? There’s a little movie called Avengers: Endgame opening this week, and people really don’t want it to be spoiled. In the spirit of avoiding spoilers, the folks at the Alamo Drafthouse have a new Endgame PSA that sends-up the seemingly endless YouTube critic videos that seem to pop-up en masse every day.

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Alamo Drafthouse Season Pass

Last summer, Alamo Drafthouse tested their own movie ticket subscription service called Season Pass. Now they’re bringing it to all of their theater locations before the end of the year. Read More »

alamo drafthouse slut-only screenings

Alamo Drafthouse is holding “slut-only” screenings of the raunchy Canadian teen comedy Slut in a Good Way to promote sex positivity. The film follows a teenager named Charlotte who, after a bad break-up, decides to explore her sexuality, which results in her facing society’s harsh double standards. To celebrate the acclaimed film, Alamo is holding “Sluts Only” screenings in Austin, Brooklyn, San Francisco, and Omaha.

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Alamo Drafthouse Not Playing Roma

Netflix is changing up their distribution game a bit by giving some of their original movies from prestige filmmakers a theatrical release. One of the key awards season releases from Netflix slated to hit theaters is Alfonso Cuaron‘s acclaimed drama Roma, but it sounds like at least one signature movie theater chain won’t be playing it.

The Alamo Drafthouse is a favorite theater chain among cinephiles, but moviegoers won’t be able to see Roma at any Drafthouse theaters, because the chain won’t agree to the strict specifications Netflix wants in place in order for the movie to be shown. Read More »