Independence Day Coronavirus PSA by Bill Pullman

“Today we celebrate our Independence Day.” There are few speeches as rousing as the one given in Independence Day by Bill Pullman as President Thomas J. Whitmore, inspiring a ragtag team of pilots to take down the alien invaders that have wreaked havoc across the globe.

But there’s a real threat facing America and the rest of the world today, and it’s not an alien invasion. It’s the coronavirus pandemic. That’s why Alamo Drafthouse brought back Bill Pullman to inspire people to protect themselves and their fellow Americans by wearing a mask to squash the spread of COVID-19. If everyone wears a mask for just a month, we can beat this thing and truly celebrate our freedom. Read More »

drafthouse safety

When the CEO of AMC Theatres announced last week that, despite an ongoing global pandemic, he wouldn’t require AMC visitors to wear masks because he didn’t want to be “drawn into a political controversy,” the leadership behind Alamo Drafthouse theaters immediately took a stand. Alamo issued a statement promising that masks would be required in their theaters, and promised more details would be revealed about their policies this week. (AMC eventually reversed its mask policy.)

Today, Alamo Drafthouse founder and CEO Tim League says he wants to make the act of visiting one of their theaters “one of the safest possible indoor activities” – specifically, he said they’re aiming to make every visit to a Drafthouse “safer than a supermarket.” Read More »

Alamo Drafthouse On Demand

Since everyone is more hungry than ever to watch movies right now, the specialty movie theater chain Alamo Drafthouse is launching Alamo On Demand, a VOD platform for cinephiles to digitally buy and rent movies. Curated by the movie nerds at Alamo Drafthouse, the new service has partnered with Lionsgate, Magnolia Pictures, NEON, Sony Pictures Classics and more to offer an eclectic mix of blockbuster favorites, genre gems, indie treasures, arthouse favorites, and more. Read More »

alamo drafthouse season pass update

Although the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic shows no sign of easing up any time soon, Texas Governor Greg Abbott has begun easing stay-at-home rules for the state, announcing that businesses like restaurants, retail stores, museums, and movie theaters can reopen starting Friday. But in the face of Abbott’s controversial (and potentially dangerous) decision, major movie chain Alamo Drafthouse Cinema has announced that its Texas movie theater locations will remain shut.

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Alamo Drafthouse Virtural Cinema

Alamo Drafthouse recently announced a new Virtual Cinema initiative that will allow indie distributors like Kino Lorber, Film Movement, and Magnolia Pictures to let independently owned movie theaters screen films digitally to viewers. But now they’re also using the new Alamo-at-Home banner to keep some of their longest-running genre programming alive.

In conjunction with the American Genre Film Archive, the Alamo Drafthouse is bringing their signature Terror Tuesday and Weird Wednesday programming line-up to the Virtual Cinema space. Just like real Alamo Drafthouse screenings, the online screening experience will include pre-show content, introductions, and discussions conducted on Alamo Drafthouse’s website, BirthMoviesDeath. That sounds like a fun way to pass the time during this fresh new hell we’re living in. Read More »

alamo drafthouse employees

The theatrical exhibition business is suffering greatly in the wake of unprecedented movie theater closures around the country due to the coronavirus, and many theater workers have been furloughed as companies try to stay afloat during this economic crisis. But Alamo Drafthouse is trying to step up and help out: they’ve announced an emergency relief fund for its furloughed corporate-owned venue and headquarters staff, seeding it with $2 million and accepting donations to help keep their employees covered. Get the details below.
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Alamo Drafthouse Tommy Boy Movie Party

Things are getting scary out there right now as the coronavirus spreads across the United States. While it’s probably best to stay at home and practice social distancing to slow the spread of this pandemic, obviously people can get a little stir crazy, and maybe you need a little comedic relief from this stressful situation. Alamo Drafthouse may have an option for you.

This year marks the 25th anniversary of Tommy Boy, and this month, Alamo Drafthouse locations (other than the closed Brooklyn and Yonkers locations in New York) are hosting special movie party screenings of the comedy classic from 1995 starring Chris Farley and David Spade. Get details on the Alamo Drafthouse Tommy Boy movie party screenings below. Read More »

alamo drafthouse season pass update

Attention folks lucky enough to live near an Alamo Drafthouse: the Alamo Drafthouse Season Pass program is now available in all 41 locations. The subscription program allows moviegoers one regularly priced ticket per day, with reservations available seven days in advance. It’s kind of like MoviePass, except that it’s better and it still exists. So I guess on second thought it’s not like MoviePass at all.

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Alamo Drafthouse 2019 Movies Infographic

We’re almost a full month into 2020, but the folks at the Alamo Drafthouse chain of theaters aren’t done looking back on the films of 2019. They’ve been crunching the numbers and they’ve given us an exclusive first look at what their audiences thought were they best films of 2019. Heck, they dug even deeper than that and also collected votes on the best scenes and performances. They also voted on the definitive ranking of all the Star Wars movies, and named their most anticipated movies of 2020.

Check out the entire Alamo Drafthouse 2019 movie infographic below. Read More »

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the good place series finale coming to theaters

Holy forking shirtballs! The Good Place is ascending from our TV sets to the big screen. The series finale of the Mike Schur NBC comedy is coming to theaters at Alamo Drafthouse Theaters across the nation for one night this month.

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