Does Ryan Coogler think it’s important for a black filmmaker to direct Black Panther? Which Arrow guest start will return later this season? Did you spot all the easter eggs in the first season of Jessica Jones? What are Ant-Man and his heist crew doing at the craps tables? All that and more in this edition of Superhero Bits


See some detailed concept art for Zoom‘s lair on The Flash.

Here are 10 things ScreenRant wants to see in the Spider-Man reboot. Do you agree?

Here’s a fantastic piece of Batman Returns artwork featuring Catwoman.

See more of the new Captain America in Spider-Gwen.

Boss Logic incorporated rumored Justice League Dark cast member Ron Perlman into Swamp Thing.

Jessica Lucas talks Tabitha Galavan and taking on Alfred in an upcoming episode of Gotham.


Here’s the new, official Wonder Woman logo as revealed on some official t-shirts coming soon.

King Shark will be back this season on The Flash.

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