Avengers Video Game Trailer

Want to see the new trailer for the upcoming Avengers video game and a bunch of gameplay footage? When in 2021 will Zack Snyder’s Justice League arrive? What to see a mock-up of what Michael Keaton could look like when he returns as Bruce Wayne? What happened when a comedian realized he was roasting Zack Snyder? Want to watch Secret Origin: The Story of DC Comics? All that and more in this edition of Superhero Bits.

Here’s a new  look at more gameplay from the upcoming Marvel’s Avengers video game, available in September.

Actor Michael Shannon is glad that Zack Snyder finally gets to release his version of Justice League to fans.

Another look at some of the gameplay footage for Marvel’s Avengers reveals what the co-op play will be like.

HBO Max’s Sandra Dewey revealed Zack Snyder’s Justice League will arrive sometime in early to mid-2021.

Marvel’s AvengersWar Table provides around 25 minutes of gameplay for a much more detailed sneak peek.

DC Comics movies like Justice League and Wonder Woman won’t be leaving as soon as previously thought.

Finally, a new trailer for Marvel’s Avengers reveals MODOK will be one of the big villains in the video game.

The CW’s The Flash series is reportedly looking to begin production on the seventh season sometime in the fall.

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