Hellboy IMAX Poster

Want to watch the entire Captain Marvel red carpet premiere? Would you like to see Clark Gregg directing a Marvel show for Disney +? Is Marvel Studios looking for an openly gay lead actor for The Eternals? How screentime have ladies had in the first decade of the Marvel Cinematic Universe? How did the Captain Marvel premiere interrupt Ben McKenzie‘s Gotham interview on Jimmy Kimmel Live? All that and more in this edition of Superhero Bits.

A civil war is brewing as alien visitors take a stand against citizens of Earth who want them gone in a new Supergirl.

Director James Wan says the cut of Aquaman in theaters and home video is his “definitive version” of the movie.

In the next episode of The CW’s Black Lightning, the Book of Apocalypse continues with a promo for “The Alpha.”

Meticulously documented notes show women have only had 10% of total screentime in the first decade of the MCU.

Oliver Queen is working for the police department in the next Arrow, and he has to do things by the book.

Clark Gregg would love the chance to kick off a Marvel Cinematic Universe TV series at Disney+ as a director.

Hellboy IMAX Poster

IMAX released a new Hellboy poster featuring a bunch of demons and monsters reaching out from Big Red.

Eminem seems to be throwing his support behind Shazam by calling back to his first big hit as a rapper.

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