Spider-Man Far From Home

Does that shirt Zack Snyder designed for charity map out his plans for the DC Extended Universe? Does a Captain Marvel card game spoil Jude Law‘s character name? What would Peyton Reed’s Fantastic Four movie have been like? Did you catch the Japanese Spider-Man Easter egg in Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse? Can the X-Men be easily integrated into the MCU? All that and more in this edition of Superhero Bits.

This edition of Marvel by the Numbers takes a look at all of the different Fantastic Four superhero costumes.

Jesse L. Martin is back from medical leave and will appear in the 15th episode of The Flash this season.

Batman Fights Crime

Learn about that one time Batman broke the fourth wall of his own comic book to teach a lesson about criminals.

Director Christopher McQuarrie turned down a DC movie in order to direct the next Mission: Impossible sequels.

Colonel Haley is desperate to find out Supergirl‘s true identity in the promo for the show’s next episode.

That shirt Zack Snyder created for charity might have been a map to his plans to the DC Extended Universe.

The Berlin travel stamp on this Spider-Man: Far From Home poster hints at when this movie takes place.

Deadpool 2 is getting released in China, but it’ll be a PG-13 cut, though maybe not Once Upon a Deadpool.

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