Spider-Man Homecoming IMAX Poster

Which Deadpool character will Weasel have a storyline with in Deadpool 2? When will we find out about the movies coming after Avengers 4, and what could they be? What’s the Merc with a Mouth doing at a kid’s birthday part in Deadpool 2 set photos? Will Joss Whedon have the time to appear at San Diego Comic-Con this summer? Is Eugene Brave Rock‘s character in Wonder Woman a demi god? All that and more in this edition of Superhero Bits.

Sony Pictures set up a fun prank where Spider-Man drops down from a ceiling at a coffee shop to surprise customers.

Ian McKellen wishes he could have worn a Magneto outfit that resembled the one from the comic books more.

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Someone spotted the upgraded Batmobile from Justice League being carted around on a truck trailer recently.

Spider-Man: Homecoming has dominated social media buzz for the second week in a row before release next week.

lynda carter

Lynda Carter, the original Wonder Woman from television, will be getting a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.

T.J. Miller says that his character Weasel and the cab driver Dopinder will have a storyline together in Deadpool 2.

Spider-Man Homecoming IMAX Poster

Spider-Man: Homecoming debuted another mess of a poster, this time on purpose, in the style of a high school locker.

Geoffrey Cantor will return as his Daredevil character Mitchell Ellison in the first season of The Punisher on Netflix.

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