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People are still buzzing about Stranger Things, and new viewers keep being sucked into it all the time. That means there are plenty of interesting theories still bouncing around the web along with new t-shirts, tribute videos and even a bump in sales for a certain beloved ’80s movie that clearly influenced the Netflix series. Here’s what we have in this edition of Stranger Things Bits:

  • The popularity of Stranger Things boosts sales of The Goonies.
  • A new theory about Eleven and the Demogorgon.
  • Watch a tribute rap video to the beloved character Barb.
  • Find out how the movement of the Demogorgon was crafted.
  • A couple new prints paying tribute to the show.
  • New ratings reports reveal the show may be more popular that initially thought.
  • Check out some new shirts mashing up the show with Star Wars and more.
  • Read an interview about the production design of the show.


An article over at Exstreamist points out that last month The Goonies got a huge boost in sales and landed at #58 on the best-selling DVD list at Amazon. While that’s a cool fact, I’m not entirely sure that we can thank Stranger Things for this boost in sales. After all, if the movie was on sale last month, that could have resulted in the jump on the DVD list, especially since it hadn’t broken the top 1000 before then. But who are we to deny Stranger Things the credit for this latest achievement for The Goonies?


Fro, aka Fernando Reza, has created this print inspired by Stranger Things. It’s a giclee print on archival paper that measures 18″ x 24″ and only has an edition of 50. It’s hand signed and numbered and will only cost you $35 at the artist’s website right here.

Stranger Things: 11 vs the monster

There are plenty of theories about there about The Upside Down, the Demogorgon and more, and now one more has just been proposed about the latter. However, this one is really intriguing because it links Eleven to the monster by theorizing that they are one and the same. Uproxx rounded up the theory from Reddit which believes that the Demogorgon may be the physical manifestation of Eleven’s anger. There are several interesting pieces of evidence to support this fact, the most convincing one being how the monster lifts up its hand just like Eleven does before they both disappear into bits.

Read the whole theory over at Uproxx.

The YouTube channel DrChorizo put together this Stranger Things rap that recaps some of the events of the Netflix series, but then turns into a tribute to the beloved, presumed dead character of Barb. Beware that there’s some NSFW language though.


The man responsible for bringing the Demogorgon to life is Mark Steger. We’re not talking about designing the creature, but rather creating and performing its movement onscreen, something he’s done in movies like I Am Legend and The Last Witch Hunter. In a new interview, Steger talks about the early influences for the monster that the Duffer brothers told him they were looking to emulate:

I got a call to go meet with the Duffer brothers, who I didn’t really know anything about at the time. They showed me the lines for the creature and we discussed different film influences that they were playing with. John Carpenter’s ‘The Thing’ is one that obviously comes up quite a bit. ‘Alien,’ the early films of David Cronenberg.

So how does he figure out how a fictional monster moves? Steger explained to IndieWire:

I read the scripts but I didn’t fully understand the cosmography, so I was kind of embellishing myself. I ask myself questions when I do characters like this: What’s the gravity like for where this creature comes from? Where does it breathe? What’s the nature of its consciousness? I mean, it’s obviously not psychologically human. How does it develop?

Read the whole interview over at IndieWire for much more from Mark Steger.

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