Sterling K. Brown Hosted Saturday Night Live

There couldn’t be a better time for Sterling K. Brown to host Saturday Night Live. Aside from the fact that this NBC series This Is Us is at the height of its popularity, he also has a small role in the blockbuster giant Black Panther. Both were ripe for lampooning in the latest episode of Saturday Night Live where the award-winning actor made his hosting debut. So how did Brown fare for this first time on the live sketch comedy scene?

Let’s run through the best and worst sketches from the Sterling K. Brown hosted Saturday Night Live.

The Best

Family Feud Oscars Edition – These celebrity editions of Family Feud have been hit or miss lately, but this special Oscars edition worked extremely well. Nearly all of the impressions were top notch. The only ones that didn’t work all that well were Pete Davidson as Timothee Chalamet and Chris Redd as Jordan Peele. But what saved the latter was that it turned into a great meta joke about Kenan Thompson sticking around Saturday Night Live for 15 years now.

Bachelor Finale – I’ve never seen a single episode of The Bachelor, but the finale of the most recent episode had so many people talking that even people who stay far away from shows like this couldn’t help but overhear details about what happened at the end of this season. And SNL perfectly parodies the events of that episode but cleverly (and depressingly) ties them into the ongoing events of our circus of a government. As funny as it was, it was also equally

Family Dinner – Shrek – There were a ton of movie-themed sketches from this episode, and this probably wasn’t one that anyone was expecting. Sterling K. Brown gives a passionate defense of Shrek at a family dinner that takes a turn for the awkwardly worse. He does have a point though. Shrek is pretty great.

Movie Coverage – Cecily Strong continues to be the cast member who doesn’t get nearly as much play as she should. This script supervisor character with a bubbly Southern drawl, abbreviating curse words and reading lines without any passion is made hilarious by Strong. But even more funny is how ludicrously profane the script for this fake movie is. It’s even more extreme than a Quentin Tarantino movie.

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