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Is Gareth Edwards tired of doing Rogue One interviews at this point? Maybe. Maybe not. It doesn’t seem that way in this Collider interview, where he talks about just how late in the process it was when that final Darth Vader scene came into being:

Yeah, and that was an enlightened idea, very late in the day, from one of the editors in the film, Jabez [Olssen], who pitched it. He said it a few times and I thought, “It’s a great idea but we’re not going to be able to do it now because we’re about 4 months at most away from release” and we were coming to the end of all the pick-up shooting that we were doing. Then he said it to Kathy [Kathleen Kennedy] and Kathy said, “I love that” and then suddenly before I knew it we were in Pinewood shooting that scene. So I’m so pleased we got to do that.

If you’re hungry for more from Rogue One, there’s always these two new videos, which explore various Easter eggs scattered through the movie that connect the story to other corners of the universe. interviewed author Timothy Zahn, the creator of Grand Admiral Thrawn and the writer of the upcoming novel, Thrawn. As you’d expect, he’s pretty pleased that his character has proven so popular over the decades and hasn’t been cast aside with the rest of the “legends”:

[Heir to the Empire, which introduced Grand Admiral Thrawn] came out in 1991 — it was probably finished around 1989 or 1990 — so getting close to 30 years. When you’re writing something, you’re always trying to do the best you can — make the most vivid characters, the best story, but you never know in advance what is going to connect with the reader. I thought Thrawn was a cool character, unlike anything we had seen in the movies, and I’d hoped he would resonate with the readers, but there was no way of knowing in advance. The fact that he has survived almost 30 years and the acclaim seen at the London Celebration when they showed that trailer showed that there were a whole bunch of people who very much still remembered him and were excited to see him coming to the screen.

Star Wars Rebels Thrawn

Speaking of Thrawn, IGN spoke with Star Wars Rebels showrunner Dave Filoni and covered all kinds of spoiler-filled details about season 3 and the season finale. Here he is talking more about bringing the blue-skinned villain to life on the screen:

You want the most legendary bad guys to come in but you can’t have them exist solely on reputation. You have to consider the people that have never read the books or have no idea who Thrawn is. We have to prove to them when they watch the show that Thrawn is a great threat and a great commander. We did that well with Vader, but we did that by incredibly limiting him in his appearances. Now, it paid off, I think, in the end with how we used Vader. With Thrawn, there’s at the beginning, a greater conceit that he’s going to be the primary villain this season. And we kind of pushed Maul more into that shadowy guy that we don’t want to interact with as much because then we have to reveal more about him. What works with Thrawn is that Thrawn is willing to be patient. He’s willing to observe and I think it actually still fits his character. It’s not strange to say that Thrawn would use a situation where he’s caught Hera Syndulla to learn more about her so he can catch more than just her in the future. So we were able to use it to our advantage even though I think fans are always aching for a victory from him. If I had the scale and scope to do it, it’d be great to show side battles that Thrawn is probably winning against other Rebel threats and Rebel cells. Hopefully we can cover that in other material or comics or books somewhere so you’re getting a better view of the character now that he’s in play.


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