Shakespeare - Revenge of the Sith

Courtesy of CNET, above is the cover art for the final cover for William Shakespeare’s Star Wars, this time adapting Revenge of the Sith. The book will arrive on September 8th.

This new image appeared online by way of a July-December Russian LEGO catalogue:

Star Wars: Force Awakens banner

Click the photo above (via to take a much closer look at Finn and that cool new blaster, Rey and her staff, Kylo Renn, Captain Phasma, the First Order flametrooper and our old friend Chewbacca.

Just because filming is complete on Star Wars: The Force Awakens doesn’t mean that we won’t still hear about actors appearing in the film that have yet to be reported. Star Wars Underworld has a rumor that Lost, Rush Hour and X-Men: the Last Stand star Ken Leung has a small role in the film. To find out who he might be playing, check out the full story over here.

Despite being rumored for a Star Wars Anthology project, director Jon Favreau says on Twitter that he won’t be directing any Star Wars films next:

Well, if we want to nitpick, he says he’s not directing any Star Wars episodes. And since the Star Wars Anthology films aren’t traditional episodes, maybe Favreau still could end up behind the camera in a galaxy far, far away.

Get your first look at the LEGO version of BB-8 in a little promo image for a forthcoming Star Wars: The Force Awakens LEGO set. Even though the image actually shows a pile of LEGO bricks not put together, it’s believed to be the LEGO version of Rey’s speeder that we’ve seen in the second teaser trailer, and it comes with a little LEGO BB-8 which looks adorable. See the image at over here.

That’s it for this edition of Star Wars Bits. Stay tuned for more.

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