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(Each week, we’re going to kick off discussion about Silicon Valley season 4 by answering one simple question: what was the most awkward moment?)

“So, do you like movies?”

Like most of the characters on Silicon Valley, Dinesh has never been known as a lady’s man. When a Satanist hacker who speaks in a sarcastic monotone is doing better in the game of love, you know you’re not very good at the dating thing.

But “Intellectual Property” finally gives Dinesh a new love interest and they are brought together because of one beautiful thing – Dinesh has managed to get Gavin Belson fired after he acquired PiperChat in the last episode. Now, she doesn’t know that it was entirely accidental, but that’s okay! Right?

The Most Awkward Moment: A Date With a Hacker

At first, Dinesh is worried that he’s getting Catfished, perhaps by Gavin himself, since Mia contacted him, unprompted, saying that she likes what he did and that she thinks he’s cute. They still manage to set up a date. Before dinner, she comes over to the house and her and Gilfoyle realize that they actually know each other from a hacker message board. And not only that: they hate each other.

At dinner things go…terribly. Dinesh is nervous and repeats whatever Mia says back to her and he talks about how great water is. It seems destined for failure, until he gets a text message and curses – it’s Gilfoyle being terrible. Then the floodgates ope  and Mia starts talking about how everyone hates him on the message board and seeing him in real life only makes her hate him even more.

United by hate! Many strong relationships have formed this way.

Back at home, after a night spent at Mia’s (clearly the first Dinesh has had in years, by the way he brags about it), Gilfoyle is quick to burst his bubble by talking what a hacker extraordinaire she is, apparently haven taken on the Chinese government.

“What do you think she’ll do if you try to break up with her? Or disagree with her? Or disappoint her in any way?” Gilfoyle asks, as Dinesh starts to realize the implications. Surely this won’t come back to bite Dinesh in the future…

Silicon Valley Professor Bighead

Professor Bighead 

With his new company gone, Bighead is being pressured by his dad to do something, like get a job, or go to school, or whatever non-bigheaded people do. He tries to ask Erlich for a job and isn’t given one, so he immediately goes to Stanford, where his five years at ASU with no degree doesn’t leave anyone impressed and he is rejected right away. On the way out of the office, it’s revealed just who he is – Bighead from Wired magazine (on the cover and inside!) and he enrolls in school.

Or so he thinks. He shows up to class only to find out that he’s scheduled as a guest lecturer…and he only figures this out when he looks at the board and sees as much spelled out there. “Oh no,” he softly intones.

Gavin Goneson

Gavin has been fired after the events of last week, and he learns about it in the most vicious, underhanded way by “Action” Jack Barker. This delicious sonofabitch has been playing dumb the last two episodes, trying to pretend that he didn’t know what the petty and vindictive Gavin was up to, all the while plotting his rise to power. Gavin only finds out he’s been fired after trying to enter a conference room and realizing his door won’t open, which Barker opens for him – to show him to a room full of board members and the demise of his career.

Gavin is allowed a meeting to officially say goodbye to the Hooli team, which is equally disastrous. He asks for anyone to step up the mic to say anything about him, good or bad, and no one takes him up on it. Not even Hoover, Gavin’s stalwart assistant and globetrotter, gives him a hug as he leaves. Hooli and Gavin are done, for good. It’s the end of an era.

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