Satoshi Kon‘s Perfect Blue turns 20 this year, and in honor of the anniversary, it’s heading back to theaters. A brand new digital transfer was commissioned for this release by GKIDS, who’s sending it to around 500 screens nationwide. This is a movie that that few people on these shores have seen, let alone in a theater, and so it’s the best chance to check out this classic film.

Here’s why you should make it a priority.

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Altered Carbon Guide

Altered Carbon has finally been adapted for television and the entire first season hits Netflix this Friday. It’s impossible for many folks to watch the trailers, which depict a colorful, futuristic cyberpunk adventure, and not immediately think of Blade Runner, but this show is based on a novel and that novel is very much its own beast.

Richard K. Morgan’s Altered Carbon surprised everyone upon its release back in 2002, with a story that combines a future aesthetic with some incredible action sequences and a decidedly noir atmosphere. It doesn’t hurt that this sci-fi world is just familiar enough to our own to make us curious about what’s changed…and what people have become.

The basic plot is this: an ex-con named Takeshi Kovacs is brought back from jail to find out who was responsible for the death of one Laurens Bancroft. Standard stuff, right? But there’s a cyberpunk twist. The jail Kovas is brought back from is actually a stack of servers where his consciousness was being stored, and the man who hires him to solve the case is none other than Bancroft, the very same man who was killed.


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The Road Movie review

The Road Movie is more of a YouTube compilation than a documentary.

If you’ve spent any time on the internet, you may have come across some of the many, many compilation videos of cars getting into accidents. What you may not know is that most of them come from Russian dashcam cameras. The Road Movie is nothing but 70 minutes of this footage, loosely tied together without much of a narrative string. For some viewers, that will be more than enough. A handpicked collection of some of the most extreme moments ever seen from a car? It’s intense in ways that no fictional film could ever be, and guaranteed to show you things you will (hopefully) never face. On the flipside, it’s an invasive look into people’s lives, making you a peeping tom giddy to see the next accident.

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Ready Player One Trailer breakdown 20

If you’ve read Ernest Cline’s Ready Player One, you know that it’s absolutely steeped in pop culture references. The lead character is a pop culture junkie and there’s barely a page that doesn’t contain some sort of explicit reference to a geek property. While in the book the main character is all about the 1980s, the latest trailer for the film adaptation shows that director Steven Spielberg has eased up on the references to the movies (some of which were references to his work!) and used other, more current media instead.

It works either way, as Ready Player One is set almost entirely inside a virtual world where anything is possible. We all know from experience (and Minecraft) that when given a sandbox nearly every person will use that power to recreate something else someone has already made.

There is a staggering amount of references here, and we scoured the latest trailer to find every single reference and character we could, although there are undoubtedly more.

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ThisIsReal psycho

How do you like to spend your free time? Do you enjoy solving puzzles? Making new friends? What about hiding out in a fridge full of dead cockroaches, concealing yourself from a masked, hammer-wielding killer that’s hunting you down?

If you’ve ever wanted to experience your very own horror movie you could go to a haunted house…or you could check out This Is Real, a new horror experience from the mastermind behind the legendary Nightmare New York. Anyone who’s watched movies like Hostel or Saw has an idea in the back of their head of how they’d react if they were placed in some madman’s lair and forced to escape, and this experience allows you to see what you would really do in the situation.

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Preacher Season Finale Review

(Each week, we’re going to kick off discussion of Preacher season 2 by examining the differences between the original comics and AMC’s television adaptation.)

Here it is. The end of the road. We knew that things wouldn’t end well for Jesse, Cassidy, and Tulip in the season 2 finale, but we probably didn’t know how bad things would get.

Comic book readers had an idea, however, and are probably giddy at what this episode means for the season to come. A trip to Angelville is in order…

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Preacher On Your Knees

(Each week, we’re going to kick off discussion of Preacher season 2 by examining the differences between the original comics and AMC’s television adaptation.)

Last episode, we all wondered where The Saint was, and now it’s been revealed – The Grail has him, and are using him as a weapon to take out Jesse. After all, what better way is there to take out one stubborn bastard than with the king of them?

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(Each week, we’re going to kick off discussion of Preacher season 2 by examining the differences between the original comics and AMC’s television adaptation.)

Fans of the Preacher comic knew that the real purpose of The Grail would one day be revealed, and that day is today. Herr Starr’s white-suited organization guards the most important person in the world from harm, for only He can lead us and guide us when it becomes time for the end of the world.

That man is Jesus Christ’s 25th great-grandson: Humperdoo.

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A Brief History of the Horror Movie Jump Scare

History of the Jump Scare

The jump scare. Few film tropes are so notorious among movie fans, but have proven so effective. If you’re watching a modern horror movie, you know that at any moment something can spring into view with a jarring sound. Mirrors, closets, beds – any patch of darkness can hide the next scream-inducing moment of your life.

While they have been used masterfully, countless forgettable horror movies have leaned on them for cheap thrills, utilized as a crutch when a filmmaker didn’t know how how to use atmosphere and mood to achieve the same emotions from an audience. But like any other technique, when in the hands of someone who knows what they’re doing, you’ll find a scene that will stick with you forever.

With Annabelle: Creation pulling in major bucks at the box office, the jump scare is alive and well and still packing theaters. Let’s take a look at the ways the jump scare, the most hated and possibly most powerful horror movie tactic in a filmmaker’s toolbox, has evolved over time.

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(Each week, we’re going to discussion Preacher’s season 2 by examining the differences between the original comics and AMC’s television adaptation.)

At first, it seemed like this season was when Preacher would get back on the comic book track, but by now it’s very obvious that the show is very much its own thing. This has turned out to be a very big plus. This second season has transformed a middling-if-strangely-watchable TV show into a can’t miss experience, with nearly each episode showing off different genres, filmmaking styles, and badass action scenes. This is a hodgepodge of ideas and nutty characters that somehow works, and does things that no one on TV is even attempting.

Case in point this week’s episode, “Puzzle Pieces,” which casts a new light on our heroes.

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