Rachel Brosnahan Hosted Saturday Night Live

The Average

Millennial Millions – This one should hit close to home for a lot of young millennials who are having trouble finding stable jobs, buying a home and keeping health insurance. What’s good about this sketch is how it balances jabs at both baby boomers and millennials, even if they’re not exactly the most clever jokes.

Deal or No Deal – While I applaud the efforts of SNL’s writers for doing something different than the usual timely, relevant political sketch, this Deal or No Deal parody still has a hard time making light of the increasingly frustrating government shutdown due the continued unfounded and racist actions of the Trump administration. However, I did like how they snuck in some of the other less fire alarm worthy moments, like the dinner with Clemson college students. Still, not a great sketch, but fairly amusing.

Tabitha -While there’s something charming about watching the male cast members of Saturday Night Live pretend to be pets and children in trouble as we’ve seen in viral videos all over the web, it also felt a little reductive. Sure, that’s the premise of the joke, and I like when it got extreme to the point of dog shame being shunned upon a man who had a secret family, but again, the sketch was more cute rather than hilarious.

The Worst

Kool-Aid – Though this parody of the Gillette ad that’s causing such a controversy with fragile men in America is a perfectly ridiculous recreation of the commercial with Kool-Aid at the center of it, there’s something that just feels off about. While this does skewer the idea of any company trying to make a socially relevant message adhere to their image, using Kool-Aid feels like the worst choice, mostly because there are already so many other great gags involving the wall-smashing pitcher out there. I’d give this one plenty of credit for the effort put into it, but the final product just didn’t work for me.

Ken Instagram – Well, this didn’t go over nearly as well as when Mattel figured out how best to present Barbie’s new Instagram back when Donald Glover hosted SNL last May. That was already an average sketch, and Rachel Brosnahan’s crafting of a saucy thriller tale involving Barbie, Ken and a secret buried under Barbie’s jacuzzi couldn’t brighten this one up. Even Kenan Thompson’s consistently great, over-dramatic reactions couldn’t save it from being a dud.

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