Donald Glover Hosted Saturday Night Live

The Average

Michael Cohen Wiretap – While the writing could have been stronger on this cold open, it’s easily one of the better political openings SNL has had in a while. Ben Stiller’s Michael Cohen continues to be fantastic, and this time there’s an array of other great celebrity cameos in a big game of phone tag between Donald Trump (Alec Baldwin), his doctor (a wonderful Martin Short), Rudy Giuliani (Kate McKinnon), Ivanka Trump (Scarlett Johansson) and Jared Kushner (Jimmy Fallon), Sarah Huckabee Sanders (Aidy Bryant), Mike Pence (Beck Bennett) and Melania Trump (Cecily Strong) popping up like that viral clip. Oh yeah and the real Stormy Daniels stopped by with a not so subtle message for the president.

Really, it’s the pacing of the sketch and endless stream of faces that make it shine a little brighter than the writing.

Barbie Instagram – Did you know Barbie has her own Instagram? Since it’s all obviously staged around the character of Barbie, who can’t take her own pictures, the account has writers who must figure out the best captions for Barbie’s photos, and these three are obviously not the best candidates. Donald Glover’s are clearly the best and most elaborate. The sketch is pretty funny, but the answers that come from Pete Davidson and Heidi Gardner should have been funnier, in my opinion, even if the point was to let Glover’s character’s responses shine.

A Kanye Place – A spoof of A Quiet Place makes sense since the movie was quite the hit in April, but this is certainly an interesting way to do it. With Kanye West creating a stir online in a variety of ways with some ludicrous opinions, it’s rather difficult to remain quiet when everything Kanye says is so insane that you can’t help but react instinctively and loudly.

Lando’s Summit – We were hoping there would be some kind of sketch featuring Donald Glover as Lando Calrissian, but we didn’t expect it to take shots at the Star Wars saga for having a distinct lack of black characters. Lando Calrissian hosts a summit for all the black characters in the Star Wars universe, and it turns out it’s not really enough for a full summit. While I think the premise of this sketch is funny, it’s kind of a one-note joke that could have been expanded to be a little more clever.

The Worst

Prison Job – The premise for this sketch is an amusing one, but it never really elevates to anything beyond mild amusement as Kenan Thompson, Donald Glover and Chris Redd go from talking tough about prison to being nice, charming customer service reps on the phone. It was the worst sketch of the night, but it wasn’t nearly as bad as some of the worse sketches from this season.

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