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Power Rangers debuted in theaters this past weekend, and while it wasn’t able to topple the box office giant that is Beauty and the Beast, it still ended up with a solid estimated debut of $40.5 million in second place. There’s a good chance that this will put the movie in a prime position to warrant a sequel, which is good news for Lionsgate because Power Rangers producer Haim Saban says there’s a six-movie arc planned as long as the audience is interested.

The first of those sequels was teased in a Power Rangers credits scene that teases what’s next for the franchise, and it’s something that fans of the original TV series will be very excited to see on the big screen. But if you haven’t seen Power Rangers yet, stop reading now, because we’re going to dive into spoiler territory in our discussion of the Power Rangers credits scene.

Those who didn’t see Power Rangers on the first day it was in theaters may have had the credits scene spoiled for them a little bit because the official Twitter account of the new franchise posted this update:

That’s the helmet of the Green Ranger, and while none of the marketing materials indicated that the fan favorite member of the team would make an appearance in Power Rangers, fans of the original iteration of the TV series were hoping his arrival in a sequel would be teased. They were not disappointed. But first, the movie offered up a change in the mythology for the Green Ranger by way of the villain Rita Repulsa.

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A Change in Power Rangers Mythology

The beginning of Power Rangers takes place millions of years ago in the Cenozoic Era. The Red Ranger has just gotten his ass kicked, and there’s destruction all over as he struggles to pull himself across the ground. He makes it to the Yellow Ranger, a female alien being of some sort, just as she dies, handing him her power coin. Then we see who is responsible for the defeat of the prehistoric Power Rangers, and it’s Rita Repulsa. However, it’s not Rita Repulsa exactly as fans have seen her in the movie’s marketing.

In this prologue, it’s revealed that Rita Repulsa is the original Green Ranger who has betrayed the rest of the Power Rangers for her own gain. Furthermore, we learn that the Red Ranger is none other than Zordon, the man who will become the floating head guide for the new Power Rangers. In order to stop Rita, he communicates with the robot Alpha 5 through his helmet communicator to have a meteor strike their location that will get rid of Rita and bury the salvaged power coins of his fellow Power Rangers until the morphing grid allows a new group of teenagers to take over the mantle.

The meteor strike sends Rita flying into the sea nearby, and she sinks into its depths along with the her Power Coin, only to return when a fishing vessel picks her up in a fishing net. Upon returning to land, she slowly regains her power and strength as she collects gold from people’s teeth and jewelry stores in order to rebuild a giant version of her monster companion Goldar. However, as she gains power, she never ends up becoming the Green Ranger in order to fight the new Power Rangers, opting to use the power coin to fuel her staff instead. But that’s good, because it leaves a sequel open to adapt what is the most iconic storyline of the original Power Rangers TV series.

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Power Rangers Credits Scene Explained

After a little credits sequence, we get a scene that takes us back to detention with our new teenagers with attitude. The teacher who oversees detention is taking attendance and then he suddenly gets a name we haven’t heard before: Tommy Oliver. As the teacher repeats his name, not unlike Ferris Bueller’s Day Off, the camera cuts to an empty chair with a green jacket hanging off it. Tommy is nowhere to be found, but his entrance into the Power Rangers universe is a welcome tease.

Not only does his absence allow producers to find someone to fill the shoes of the Green Ranger, potentially getting a more well-known name to take on the role, but it also sets up Tommy as a character. Director Dean Israelite explained to Entertainment Weekly:

“We thought about the fact that the movie is an updated version of the show, which was teenagers with attitude, so [the tease is saying] if you think these teenagers have attitude, wait ’til you see Tommy. He brings it in bucketloads. That’s what this scene is trying to hint at.”

While general audiences not familiar with Power Rangers mythology would easily be able to discern that this hints at the arrival of another Power Ranger, the tease of Tommy Oliver entering the story is a big deal for those who watched the original Mighty Morphin Power Rangers series.

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