Netflix Comedians of the World

Netflix is adding new stand-up specials to their streaming library every single week, and it’s pretty hard to keep up – especially with all the other movies and TV shows arriving every week. But the streaming service is about to outdo themselves by releasing an onslaught of stand-up comedy on New Year’s Day.

Comedians of the World is a new stand-up series from Netflix that is bringing 47 half-hour comedy specials to subscribers from 47 different comedians, from 13 different regions, in eight different languages. That’s almost an entire day of stand-up comedy, and you can get a taste of the laughs to come in the Comedians of the World trailer below.

If you’re curious about the roster of comedians featured in Comedians of the World, here they are:

Neal Brennan
Chris D’Elia
Nicole Byer
Nick Swardson

Joel Creasey
Urzila Carlson
Nazeem Hussain
Cal Wilson

Louis-José Houde
François Bellefeuille
Katherine Levac
Adib Alkhalidey

Ivan Decker
DeAnne Smith
K. Trevor Wilson
Dave Merheje

Loyiso Gola
Loyiso Madinga
Tumi Morake
Riaad Moosa

Nish Kumar
Joel Dommett
Mae Martin
Ellie Taylor

Shirley Souagnon
Jason Brokerss
Tania Dutel
Donel Jack’sman

Moayad Alnefaie
Adi Khalefa
Rawsan Hallak
Ibraheem Alkhairallah

Franco Escamilla
Hugo El Cojo Feliz
Gaby Llanas

Afonso Padilha
Thiago Ventura
Mhel Marrer

Soundos El Ahmadi
Martijn Koning
Rayen Panday

Enissa Amani
Ilka Bessin
Kaya Yanar

Aditi Mittal
Atul Khatri
Amit Tandon

It’s a little hard to tease 47 different comedy specials, especially when a bunch of them are in French, Spanish, Portuguese, Arabic, Dutch, and German, so Netflix created this behind the scenes featurette that helps lay out the talent, and they even go out of their way to point out that at least one female comedian from each region is featured. That seems a little bit like pandering, but we’ll cut them some slack since female comedians are frequently overlooked, even in 2018. Anyway, here you go:

Frankly, what I’m most interested in is how the stand-up specials in a foreign language translate to English. There can be a bit of a barrier when it comes to comedy that doesn’t translate, literally, between languages. That’s true even of some styles of comedy between the United States and the United Kingdom, despite sharing a common language.

Of course, this also feels like it’s a little too much in a very short period of time, and a lot of these stand-up specials might end up being white noise. Netflix already gets mocked for giving anyone and everyone their own specials, and releasing 47 different half-hour specials on the same day isn’t really helping matters any. But maybe the international assembly will make this more of an event than it otherwise might be.

Comedians of the World debuts all 47 stand-up specials on January 1, 2019.

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