Movie Locations Then and Now

Even though many movies end up being shot on the backlots of studios, there are plenty that end up shooting on location in real places around the world. One photographer has decided to visit the real shooting locations of movies like Halloween, Fight Club, Blade Runner, Wayne’s World, Back to the Future and more, but instead of just shooting a photo of the location without any context, he’s been posting them matched up perfectly with the original shots from the movies.

Check out the movie locations then and now after the jump.

All the photos come from Phil Grishayev‘s Instagram page (via DesignYourTrust):

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A photo posted by Phil Grishayev (@phil_grishayev) on

Last post in #2015 . #Filmlocation from #waynesworld starring #mikemyers , #danacarvey , #tiacarrere @thedanacarvey @tiacarrere . #la #90s #movies #vannuys #instagood #picoftheday #usa #follow A photo posted by Phil Grishayev (@phil_grishayev) on

These are just some of my favorites that Phil Grishayev has taken, but you can see dozens more at his Instagram page. In addition to the Thriller photo above, he’s also taken plenty of other music video inspired pictures like the movie photos you see above. It’s very cool to see how these spots have evolved over time, many just having various aesthetic updates over the years. I’m surprised there’s still a Burger King in that Back to the Future location.

If you’re interested in checking out some movie locations yourself, no matter where you are, The Movie Map is a pretty good resource worth checking out if you want to get your photo taken next to the locations of some of your favorite movies.

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