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Last night brought the return of Saturday Night Live for their 42nd season. Suicide Squad star Margot Robbie made her hosting debut for the season premiere, which brought a slew of changes to the late night sketch comedy show. Alec Baldwin made his debut as Donald Trump in a spoof of the presidential debate in the cold open, all three new cast members got some screentime (one significantly more than the others), and the result was a solid season premiere with plenty of laughs to be had.

Take a look at the best and worst sketches from the Margot Robbie Saturday Night Live episode after the jump.

The Best

The Librarian – The second sketch of the night focused on how hot Margot Robbie is (just like the first Live Report sketch), but the payoff helped so that it didn’t feel like a shallow theme was forming. This was delightfully weird and gross with the spirit of the old SNL Digital Shorts that The Lonely Island used to produce for the show. My favorite part is how whatever the dudes said remained in that Ferris Bueller slow motion voice the whole time.

The Presidential Debate – First of all, let me just say how strange it was to see Michael Che not only opening Saturday Night Live, but also in full prosthetic make-up as debate moderator Lester Holt. Hillary Clinton’s Willy Wonka entrance was a nice touch, not to mention some of the fun had at the expense of her desperate attempts to be relatable and warm. But Alec Baldwin’s portrayal of Donald Trump clearly stole the show, bringing a certain gravitas to the comedy that was missing before, hitting all the sweet spots of the politician’s much publicized performance in the debate.

Saturday Night Live - Mr. Robot

Mr. Robot – I wondered if SNL would end up making jokes about Leslie Jones getting hacked over the summer, and the fact that they incorporated it into a spoof of Mr. Robot is pretty outstanding. It was a great way to make a parody of a show with a unique spin that only SNL could deliver. Plus, there was a solid Ghostbusters reference. Sadly, this sketch isn’t officially online, presumably due to music rights or something like that

Live Report – Mikey Day and Alex Moffat made their debut as cast members in the first sketch after the first commercial break, which is quite the vote of confidence. This was a great concept executed very well as the first sketch to follow the monologue. It’s original and funny, and it’s much better than the usual local news centric sketches we see on the show.

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