Larry David Hosted Saturday Night Live

Saturday Night Live returned this weekend with the first of a back-to-back three-episode run leading up to week of Thanksgiving. To kick things off, we had Larry David returning to host for his second time at Studio 8H, but unfortunately it was nowhere near as noteworthy as his debut back in early 2016.

Larry David’s return to SNL was extremely average. Even the best sketches of the night weren’t particularly fantastic, but merely the best of the night. Many sketches felt like they were trying far too hard, including and especially the return of Larry David as Bernie Sanders, which was shoehorned in for no good reason.

Let’s run through all of the sketches from the Larry David hosted Saturday Night Live below.

The Best

Beers – I’ll never get tired of this faux sitcom-style pre-recorded sketch. The ridiculous transitions and establishing shots heighten the ridiculousness of the show, but it’s the poor, unnatural acting that really sells it. Plus, the sudden outburst of Larry David throwing two chairs made this one even more funny than usual.

Career Retrospective – Jokes always come in threes, but I would have preferred to see even more of the commercials that haven’t aged well. The style of 1980s PSAs was replicated so perfectly, from the acting to the editing, and even the video scan lines. Aidy Bryant reacting like Lee Trevino in Happy Gilmore was a nice touch, but I wish SNL would have really taken this sketch home by parodying a Bill Cosby Jell-O commercial.

Fresh Takes – Structuring a high school morning show like a professional news program on cable news is a great premise. While I’ll admit that much of this sketch wasn’t raucously hilarious (with the exception of the Magic Club and Drama Club sponsors offering big laughs), the execution was rather flawless.

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