Jason Bateman Hosted Saturday Night Live

Jason Bateman returned to host Saturday Night Live for the first time in 15 years, and even though the official Christmas episode doesn’t happen for a couple more weeks, if there were a couple more holiday-themed sketches, this could have been it. But even so, there are some very funny and festive sketches, and even a hilarious sketch featuring musical guest Morgan Wallen making fun of his irresponsibility ruining his initial scheduled appearance on SNL.

So let’s get into the best and worst sketches from the Jason Bateman hosted Saturday Night Live.

The Best

Stu – Oh man, this is immediately a new classic Christmas sketch that should be played every year in SNL‘s annual holiday sketch round-up. In a parody of Eminem’s music video for “Stan,” Pete Davidson plays Stu, who has been writing letters to Santa Claus asking for a PlayStation 5, but he hasn’t received a response yet. And if you’re familiar with “Stan,” then you know what’s coming next. This is a pitch perfect parody with great lyrical rewriting, a great bit appearance by Bowen Yang as Elton John, and somehow an Eminem cameo at the end. This was so good!

Morgan Wallen Party – In case you didn’t hear, Morgan Wallen was once booked to be the musical guest when Bill Burr hosted SNL back in October. But photos of him partying without a mask in the week leading up to the show resulted in him being replaced at the last minute. This sketch turns that revelation into a fantastic original sketch involving wacky time travel, and a hilarious escalation of absurdity of it all. Plus, another

Santa’s Village – I love when SNL brings in some great physical comedy, and this is one of the more ambitious sketches they’ve done recently. This is a big set, and initially I thought it was just for social distancing, but watching Jason Bateman and Cecily Strong flail about as they destroyed the set with these big inflatable balls was absolutely hilarious. Add that with Bateman’s penchant for sharp, sarcastic quips, and this whole sketch was just fantastic.

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