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Family First, Heroics Second

This opening sequence is infinitely more entertaining than dozens of blockbuster movies featuring much more complicated setpieces. However, it’s the way this family of superheroes bickers while working together to achieve a common goal that is exactly what makes this the great Fantastic Four movie we never go. In this sequence, it’s spectacular and thoroughly satisfying. But even after this initial action sequence is done, it’s the continued interaction between this family that keeps the movie engaging, even as things get a little verbose once the plot of the sequel gets underway.

You see, despite all their exciting heroics, The Underminer actually gets away. And a good chunk of the city has been destroyed, even though The Incredibles were able to stop the Underminer’s drill vehicle before it smashed into City Hall. The bad news is that Rick Dicker and the superhero location program apparently can’t do anything in the aftermath of this debacle this time. The program is being shut down, and they can’t even afford to give the Parr family a new house after Syndrome’s jet dropped on it and blew it up. That leaves the Parr family stuck slumming it in a tropical-themed motel for a little while.

The family dynamic that we see play out in the scenes that follow their superheroics is what makes this series stand out from the rest of the superhero movies charging into theaters each year. We got a taste of this in the opening moments of the most recently released trailer, with the family enjoying some Chinese takeout. Dash is grossed out by the abundance of vegetables in one container, Violet harasses Dash about not washing his hands, and both kids just want to talk about what just happened and the predicament they’re now stuck in. It’s the kind of back and forth that all families have had at the dinner table, but the family is about to have a new topic to talk about at dinner…

Incredibles 2

Bringing Back Supers to the Public Eye

Frozone managed to get away from the chaos in downtown Municiberg instead of being arrested along with the rest of the Parr family. While trying to make a clean getaway, he was contacted by the associate of a certain businessman who wanted to talk with him about superhero stuff. Enter new character Winston Deavor, voiced by Better Call Saul and Breaking Bad star Bob Odenkirk.

Winston Deavor brings Mr. Incredible, Elastigirl and Frozone into the sleek, skyscraper headquarters of his company Devtech. He has a plan to get supers back in a favorable light with the public by making sure they see their heroics in action. He believes the problem with the events that happened downtown is that everyone was too busy running and hiding from the scene that no one was actually able to witness them doing their best to save the city.

Deavor’s plan to change that is by equipping a certain hero with a camera so that the public can see all the action from their perspective. Perhaps there’s something to be said about accountability, maybe some social commentary on the use of bodycams for police officers. But there was no indication that was the case in any of the scenes we saw. Instead, Deavor wants footage that makes the evening news and gets people excited about supers again. But why?

Well, Deavor had a father who grew up idolizing and supporting the supers. His father even had a plan in place that allowed him to directly call several classic supers in order to bring them into action. But after superheroes were declared illegal, those heroes didn’t pick up their phones, and his father ended up being killed by a group of robbers breaking into his house. That sounds like some possible motivation to punish superheroes with some kind of villainous plot. That especially feels like the case when Winston and his sister Evelyn Deavor have some kind of quick disagreement about the events of that night and how their father might have prevented himself from being killed. But that’s the only insight we have into these characters’ backgrounds.

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Elastigirl is Making the Bacon

Instead of bringing back Mr. Incredible, Elastigirl and Frozone, the plan is to only start with one hero on the streets helping to raise the profile of supers. After crunching some numbers, it’s determined that Elastigirl is the least risky of the three to put back on the streets. She doesn’t cause as much destruction and she still gets the job done. That creates a little bit of disappointment for Bob, but it also gives him some motivation to being a strong man of the house at home. Because if he can take care of the kids without having to worry Helen, then she can do her job, and they can all be supers again.

Putting Elastigirl at the center of this movie changes the game. While the focus on Mr. Incredible in the first film gave us plenty of smash and crash action, here the superheroics are a little more creative. Elastigirl has an updated version of a special motorcycle that she apparently cruised around in during the glory days. We, the audience, have never seen it before, but it’s treated as an updated piece of tech based on something Helen used to have. And that makes her use of the bike that much more exciting during a certain sequence that comes later in the movie.

We’ll have a more detailed breakdown of this scene in another post later this week, but let’s just say that the way Elastigirl uses this bike in an extensive chase sequence involving a runaway levitating monorail, combined with her elastic superpowers, makes for one of the coolest sequences from any superhero movie we’ve ever seen.

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