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The Movie That Could Have Been

In the aftermath of the release of Fantastic Four, and Josh Trank’s tweet heard round the world about what could have been a “fantastic version” of this movie, some are wondering just what changes were made to the movie behind the scenes. And it looks like there’s some evidence out there as to the significant changes that were made to the final cut.

Fantastic Four Doctor Doom clip

It’s easy to see in the final cut of Fantastic Four that there were extensive reshoots on the movie. Aside from how the ending doesn’t jibe all that well with the first two-thirds of the movie, Kate Mara is clearly wearing a mediocre wig in some scenes since the actress got a major haircut after production on the movie was finished. So there were clearly a lot of changes made late in the game.

Dave Gonzales, of Forbes, and Latino Review, recently took to Twitter with a slew of shots from the trailers we’ve seen for Fantastic Four from sequences that we don’t see in the movie. Here they are:

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