While we’re on the subject of people who tend to have really great senses of humor about being involved in this whole Star Wars thing, Rian Johnson shared a picture of what certainly looks like a close-up Star Wars: Episode 8 crew jacket, complete with a yellow Roman numeral eight in that iconic font. After all, you’re not an actual motion picture that will be released into theaters into there is stuff with your title on it.

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Johnson has actually been fairly active on social media over the past few weeks, sharing obscure images from the set of the film. For example, there’s this black and white photo of a soundstage interior that he posted to Instagram. Feel free to zoom in that guy’s dangling feet to search for clues. I don’t have the energy.

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He also shared a close-up of his hat, which depicts a panda bear wearing a space helmet. This technically has nothing to do with anything, but it’s a cheeky nod to Episode 8‘s production codename, “Space Bear.” But now I won’t be fully satisfied unless the final film actually features a panda wearing a spacesuit.

Which brings us to this Tweet, which certainly implies that production on Episode 8 is coming to a close very soon. Johnson doesn’t say which actors have wrapped, but if you follow that link, you will get an appropriate and amusing gif from Apocalypse Now, because he is nothing if not a consummate movie buff.

episode 8 set photos

Here’s the big question: will Rian Johnson wrap filming on Episode 8 before Star Wars Celebration kicks off on July 15? After all, he’s scheduled to attend the convention and will actually take the main stage on Sunday, July 17 for the “Future Filmmaker Discussion” panel. You may remember that this panel kinda-sorta happened last year, with Rogue One director Gareth Edwards taking the stage solo after Josh Trank didn’t show up (he had quietly left his spin-off film). This year’s panel sounds like a must-see, with the very smart and very funny Johnson being joined by the very smart and very funny duo of Chris Miller and Phil Lord, who are set to direct the Han Solo spin-off movie. If you’re going to be attending Celebration, this sounds like it could be the panel to check out.

And finally, we’ll close this one out with this tweet from Collider’s Steven Weintraub, who says that Episode 8 footage was screened at License Expo. Will this be the same footage that undoubtedly screens at Star Wars Celebration?

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