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It’s a big year for Elizabeth Banks, from directing the hit sequel Pitch Perfect 2 to starring in the finale of The Hunger Games franchise this month, and hosting Saturday Night Live is just more icing on an already sweet cake for the actress, director and producer. And the good news is that the writers and cast of SNL felt like they had to make up for the abysmal show last week that we’re better off just not talking about anymore, resulting in a stellar show.

So let’s run through all the sketches from the Elizabeth Banks Saturday Night Live episode!

We Stand With You

It’s not often that SNL breaks their usual format, but after the tragic events in Paris on Friday, the late night sketch show took time to pay tribute to the City of Lights by having Cecily Strong say that we stand with France in solidarity, both in English and in French. It was a classy and respectful way to start the show before heading into the opening credits and Elizabeth Banks’ monologue, but we’ll get to that later.

The Best

Uber for Jen – I just get excited about the prospect of a Mike O’Brien picture, but when they deliver, it’s that much more satisfying. I love everything about this sketch. Just when you think you know where it’s going by turning into a little buddy comedy, it gets weird by having them commit a hit and run. I love that after they kill a guy they stop for a turtle. I love that Banks drives for a bit and doesn’t go to her destination. I love that the driver only gives Jen three stars. Did I mention that I love this sketch?

First Got Horny 2 U – When these ladies get together for a music video, it’s a real treat. And while this isn’t quite as good as (Do It On My) Twin Bed, this was a great ballad follow-up to the previous effort. Also, there’s a part of me that wonders how genuine these answers are from the cast members and Elizabeth Banks. After all, Kate McKinnon really is gay, and Taylor Hanson was a very pretty young man to plenty people on both sides of the fence. And hey, remember Dinosaurs and Total Request Live?

High School Theatre Show – This is one of my favorite recent recurring sketches, and I’ll never get tired of Kyle Mooney’s smug facial expression when he says each and every one of his lines. What really makes this a complete package is how great the reactions from Leslie Jones, Kenan Thompson and Vanessa Bayer are in this pretentious high school production that always feels just a little too real.

Black Jeopardy – Since the first Black Jeopardy with Louis CK a couple years ago was one of my favorite sketches of that season, it was always going to be hard to top. But this rehash of the game show with Elizabeth Banks at least comes close to matching the hilarity of that sketch. It’s an easy sketch to recur, but this second time was really clever, especially with a decent Bill Cosby joke that doesn’t feel like it’s been done a thousand times before at an open mic.

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