Charles Barkley Hosted Saturday Night Live

Whenever Saturday Night Live brings in an athlete to host the late night sketch comedy series, the quality of the show can be hit or miss. Some athletes just don’t have the charisma or the skill to do live comedy (or acting in general), but then there are those like Michael Jordan and Peyton Manning who really bring the laughs. Charles Barkley falls somewhere in the middle, and that’s exactly what we got this weekend.

Kicking off a new trio of episodes this month, Charles Barkley returned to Studio 8H for his fourth time at host. We got the highs and lows of having Barkley in the spotlight, because at times he can be downright hilarious, but other times he stunts the comedy show by stumbling over lines, which he’s reading in a clunky fashion. But even when the latter happened, there were still plenty of hilarious moments.

Let’s run through the sketches of the Charles Barkley hosted Saturday Night Live below.

The Best

Hump or Dump – Even though this sketch has Charles Barkley flubbing some lines, his deadpan delivery actually works perfectly in this sketch when he makes the ultimate threat in order to win a dating show. Kenan Thompson’s reactions are perfect, of course, and Alex Moffat and Chris Redd play the perfect desperate douchebags vying after the trashy bachelorette played by Aidy Bryant. Easily the best sketch of the night.

The Champions – Kenan Thompson had a great night on SNL, and this was his finest moment. While Charlies Barkley and Alex Rodriguez get to play the straight men as themselves, Thompson gets to play a terribly brain damaged football player who has totally lost his bearings after playing just nine games across seven seasons. Thomson plays this character in a familiar way, but it’s what he says that makes the sketch feel fresh.

Roach Product – The only way to stop a bad roach is a good roach with a gun. It only helps that Charles Barkley makes sure that those good roaches are god-fearing insects ready to do the lords work as part of Ned’s Roach Away, or NRA (get it?). This is a great way to mock the insanity of the principles that the NRA pushes and lobbies politicians to say over and over again. Do you see how stupid the concept of a good guy with a gun sounds in a different context?

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