Chance the Rapper Hosted Saturday Night Live

Last night brought the Halloween episode of Saturday Night Live, and thanks to host Chance the Rapper, the energy was high. Unfortunately (or fortunately in some cases), the number of technical mistakes, gaffes, and line flubs were also high with almost every single live sketch having some kind of error. Since the show is live, there are usually a couple missteps here and there, but this show was riddled with them. Thankfully, they didn’t always make the sketch worse. In fact, in a couple cases, they helped make the sketch much better than it otherwise might have been. It was kind of weird how well it all worked.

Let’s run through the best and worst sketches from the Chance the Rapper hosted Saturday Night Live.

The Best

Tasty Toaster Tarts – You’ve seen those commercials where kids are going through the snack cabinet to see what’s good. It’s always a bunch of generic stuff until the brand name snack comes along and the kids get excited. Well, what if that list of snacks just kept going? And what if it’s because something bad happened to the kid’s parents? And what if he’s now buying every snack he can get his hands on? And why can’t they get something to drink from the fridge? This commercial parody takes a great, dark turn, and I loved it. Also, kudos to whoever came up with the names of all those fake snacks.

Spooky Song – Ghosts always have some kind of grand story to tell about their death. But this graveyard song featuring several ghosts with horrific deaths gets a little weird when Chance the Rapper tries to opt out of telling his story. The payoff is golden, and his sheepish performance makes it all the better.

Love at First Sight – All right, I’ll be the first to admit that this sketch felt a little stilted thanks to what seems to be some complicated wiring issues. But in this case, that stilted element helped add to the comedy, almost in a meta way. It’s like we were watching the rehearsal for a sketch about two lovers whose whimsical “flying” helps them fall in love. The wire work was intentionally bad for laughs, but then there was a significant delay towards the end, which ended up being extremely funny as it went on, and the way Cecily Strong and Beck Bennett recover from it by making fun of it in character added a nice touch.

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