Chance the Rapper Hosted Saturday Night Live

That’s right. Out of the six episodes of Saturday Night Live we’ve had so far, the best episode of the season wasn’t hosted by a huge movie star or a popular comedian. Instead it was hosted by chart-topping hip-hop artist Chance the Rapper, who makes the case for his own career in comedy effortlessly.

Chance the Rapper has taken to the stage in Studio 8H before a a musical guest on SNL, but this was his first time hosting the show. While he seemed a little nervous at the top of the show, he gradually got more and more comfortable as the night went on and proved that he has some impressive comedy chops. So let’s run through the best and worst sketches of the Chance the Rapper hosted Saturday Night Live below.

The Best

Family Feud: Harvey Family Thanksgiving – As soon as I saw the Family Feud logo, I immediately rolled my eyes. Though this recurring game show sketch can be very funny, more recently it’s been rather lackluster. But once it became clear that the premise of this Family Feud sketch was much different, I was fully on board, and it only got better from there. Chance the Rapper does an incredible job with his part here, which we’ll let you discover more about yourself by watching the sketch. Let’s just say he has a fantastic Steve Harvey impression, or at least a spot-on rendition of Kenan Thompson’s Steve Harvey impression.

Career Day – Mikey Day is outstanding at playing kids and teenagers. His young face helps, but the way he carries himself and speaks is what truly makes it work. In this case, that combined with the manufactured excitement regarding his father’s job as a general contractor. Chance the Rapper adds a bit more to it, but for me it’s Mikey Day that makes this sketch, especially with that spittake on Melissa Villaseñor (which also cracks up Pete Davidson in the background). Oh, and let’s not forget that whenever Kenan Thompson yells at his son, it’s immediately funny.

Wiki Leaks – With more and more of SNL’s political satire becoming stale (mostly because it’s hard to make fun of stuff that’s so damn terrifying and awful nowadays), the saving grace might be Mikey Day and Alex Moffat as Donald Trump Jr. and Eric Trump. The big brother/little brother dynamic between these caricatures is hilarious. The way Trump Jr. condescends to the dimwitted, immature Eric Trump never gets old, and the stupidity that unfurls from the mouth of the latter is hilarious.

Wayne Thanksgiving – It looks like Batman might be a little too hard on the criminals of a certain section of Gotham City. Either that or he’s secretly racist and has a fetish for hanging people up by their underwear. The escalation of the sketch, both regarding Batman’s actions and Bruce Wayne’s mistakes almost revealing his secret identity, make this sketch funnier and funnier as it goes on, especially since there were some line flubs at the beginning that made it a little difficult to get traction at first.

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