rocky horror picture show empty theater

How long has The Rocky Horror Picture Show been playing at Portland’s Clinton Street Theater? The answer will make you shiver with antici…pation. In fact, it will do more than that, it’ll make you whistle and say, “Dammit, Janet, that’s some dedication.” (I didn’t even mean for that to rhyme, I should become a songwriter.) All that to say, Portland’s Clinton Street Theater has been playing Rocky Horror for 43 years, and one person is keeping the midnight screenings of the beloved cult musical going strong during the pandemic — even if the theater is completely empty.

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leonard nimoy day

Honestly, we should be thankful every day that Leonard Nimoy existed and brought to life an iconic (beautiful, wonderful, magnificent, handsome) character like Spock. But the city of Boston is going one step further and dedicating a whole day to the Star Trek actor, declaring March 26 to be Leonard Nimoy Day.

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judas and the black messiah bill

Judas and the Black Messiah has inspired a new congressional bill which aims to strip J. Edgar Hoover’s name from the FBI building in Washington, D.C. The Oscar-contending Shaka King drama about the death of Illinois Black Panther Party Chairman Fred Hampton at the hands of Hoover’s FBI department has renewed conversations about the first director of the FBI, and has revived a bill to remove Hoover’s name from the FBI building.

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brad pitt and david fincher

Watching a movie with Brad Pitt sounds like a dream — and if it plays out like the wonderful, frequently memed scene from Quentin Tarantino’s Once Upon a Time in Hollywood, it probably is. But if Pitt’s movie buddy is David Fincher, that changes things up completely. Fincher is infamous for being an intense and meticulous filmmaker, and it turns out he’s an intense and meticulous movie-watcher. Pitt revealed that he and his Seven and Fight Club director have regular movie nights, and that sounds like a great night to be a fly on the wall…and would likely drive anyone up that wall. Except for Pitt, apparently.

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Rian Johnson has been a real trooper on Twitter for the past three years. Despite the exorbitant amount of hate that his 2017 film Star Wars: The Last Jedi has received from certain circles, Johnson has taken it like a champ, spreading humor and goodwill with his followers, and mostly ignoring the trolls that pile into his replies. But even Johnson needs some support every now and then, and a viral video of a Last Jedi fan getting the film’s greatness on the record with the Sioux Falls, South Dakota city council, provided the filmmaker with just that.

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marisol nichols tv show

In a twist even wilder than (some of) the twists on Riverdale, one of the stars of the CW show, Marisol Nichols, has revealed herself to be an undercover agent in the fight against sex trafficking. And her story is being turned into a TV show. Read More »

sacha baron cohen prank

It looks like Sacha Baron Cohen is at it again. The notorious provocateur and satirist, who has built up a reputation for pranking real people while in disguise for his projects, has apparently staged his latest prank at an alt-right rally. Baron Cohen reportedly crashed a rally for the far-right militia group known as the Washington Three Percenters, leading the rally in a racist singalong before he nearly caused a riot and was chased out by the crowd.

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steven soderbergh pandemic

Directing Contagion may have prepared Steven Soderbergh for a pandemic, but not for the deeply stupid human behavior that people have had in response to a pandemic. The filmmaker’s acclaimed 2011 thriller was ahead of the curve — showing the breakdown of society and difficulties of curbing the spread of a deadly virus long before coronavirus (COVID-19) even existed.

Contagion was a famously realistic take on the pandemic movie, with Soderbergh employing a team of researchers and consultants to depict how a virus would really spread in today’s global society. And while he got plenty of things right, even Soderbergh couldn’t predict the “deeply irrational” human behavior that has taken place since the coronavirus pandemic began.

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the purge siren

In The Purge, a blaring siren signals the start of violence and mayhem as all crimes — including murder — become legal for 12 hours. It’s only the dystopian premise of a fictional horror series, thank goodness, but every once in a while, when the world gets really bad, the internet will joke that we’re not too far from going through a real-life Purge. So, at a time when the country is especially on edge amid the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, it’s not a great coincidence when the police of Crowley, Louisiana used The Purge siren to signal the start of curfew.

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moviefone bankrupt

Truth is often stranger than fiction, and the real-life saga of Moviefone certainly is a strange one. The entertainment brand has been kicking around since the ’80s, reaching its zenith in the ’90s as the hottest call line in town for listings of local movie showtimes. But following its acquisition by the parent company behind the also-doomed MoviePass, Moviefone is no longer. Helios & Matheson have declared Moviefone bankrupt, laying off all employees of the once-popular telephone service — except one. But no, Seinfeld fans, it’s (probably) not Kramer.

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